Monthly Archives: April 2011

Caffeine Confession

I have a confession to make. I’ve been sipping into the caffeine lately. There, I said it!
My body can’t tolerate coffee, but I can fall deeply for the green tea and chocolate. These past couple of weeks I’ve been mixing the two, for a decadent matcha green tea, coconut milk mocha. It’s my matcha mocha. Sometimes I even add a little maca, because it’s not only fun to say, but delicious to drink.

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Energy bars

Last week I wrote about lowering the stakes when considering dietary change. This week we’re keeping it lighter. In fact, instead of lowering the stakes, we’re raising the bar. The energy bar that is!
The question: Are there store-bought bars that get the Replenish stamp of approval?

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Digesting dietary change

For most of us tax paying adults April 15th has deadline significance. For me that date took on different meaning eleven years ago. It was the day I took my husband to the hospital after 72 hours of mind-splitting headaches. It was near midnight on April 15th when a doctor in the emergency room approached us

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