Monthly Archives: July 2011

Be Miraculous!

Last month I attended a conference in Chicago where we discussed the power of beliefs. Those beliefs can either impede our abilities to stride forward or they can propel us in the direction we’ve been wanting to go. I was struck by the capacity that a mere belief could have in shaping our destiny. How were those beliefs formed and what are the actions and behaviors we engage in to maintain those beliefs?

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Is agave good or bad?

The agave question comes up a lot. Not the one about digestion I’ve posed above, but the one about whether its “good” or “bad”. And many of the answers in this regard stem from how agave is processed. Some of the confusion lies in the differing methods by which the agave plant (or plants, as there are different species) is converted into a sweet syrup.

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Independence day. The celebration of victory. A glorius extended weekend for those of us in the states. A grand old time. Yet for me the 4th is also one of those milestones in the history of my husband, Isamu’s, illness. It’s one of those dates I wrote about in my April Eater’s Digest. It’s an anniversary that summons my careful scrutiny.

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