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Becoming "Her"

Last week I was emailed by the lovely organizer of the Portland Brain Tumor Walk and asked to speak briefly in front of the audience of participants. I was honored by the invitation and a bit daunted by what I might say. Little did I know that Gilbert and I would be standing in front of over 1500 attendees!
While I raced around town, trying to find a fresh white Gilbert-sized t-shirt on which to have our Team Isamu logo printed, I thought hard about what it was that I wanted to convey. This would be a gathering of people all touched in some way or another by a brain tumor. Just like us.
It was the ‘just like us’ part that really got me. While I decided to focus on inspiration, I also knew in my heart that I needed to make a public apology. I needed to apologize to “her”. This is what I said:

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Coconut Probiotic Drink

It’s been several months since I’ve written a Consumer’s Report. Please don’t let that fool you into believing that I’m not a consumer. Like you, I get caught out-and-about and also just appreciate being able to buy a pre-packaged thing or two that meets my exacting standards. I especially love to get my hands on a product that simultaneously passes the grade and is gratifying to the taste buds. That’s what these pages are all about!

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Repair the root cause of your symptoms

What do the following symptoms have in common?

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