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Halloween candy!

If you’re new to the Replenish PDX mailing list I’ve recently revealed the two questions I most often hear in both my work and social life about food and diet. Those two questions are: 1) How do you stick with dietary change ? (which I address in my free e-book Stick With It!) and 2) Is sugar bad for everyone? (a question I explore in detail in the Sweet Tooth, Bitter Truth homestudy class).
But this time of year there’s another question I hear, nearly all day long. Can you guess what it is?. . .
What do YOU do for Halloween?
If you don’t already know, I have a ten-year-old son, Gilbert. Gilbert doesn’t eat refined sugar or processed food. So you can see why I get this question a lot. Inquiring minds want to know!

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Food or Poison?

For the past few nights I’ve been more tired than usual. I considered the change in weather ~ its gotten cold and rainy in Portland. I wondered if it was growing pains ~ there are many things demanding consideration and modification in my life right now. And then, tonight, I discovered what could be a third culprit. . . lysozyme from egg whites.
I should probably back up a bit here. Eggs are a near perfect food. I’m a huge fan of their inclusion in the diet whenever possible. Eggs are rich in selenium, vitamin A, vitamin D, the B vitamins (including choline which is hard to find elsewhere in our diet and is so important for brain health), select minerals and the much needed omega-3 fatty acids.
That’s the sunny side of eggs. Unfortunately those assets have gotten a little scrambled in my body. For one, I have a somewhat pronounced sensitivity to eggs. My immune system launches a mild attack in their presence. The effects are nothing severe. They present as a chronic nausea that was apparent without fail each time I tried to add eggs back into my diet. (And I tried! I wanted that near perfect food.)

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