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Beets (and their greens too)

As we truck on toward the end of 2011 I find myself glancing back over my shoulder at the year past and looking forward to 2012 with excitement and anticipation. (Check out my two January offerings at the bottom of this page!)
There’s so much to be grateful for this year. I’m especially savoring the developing relationship I have with my son, Gilbert, as he grows up and becomes more independent and clear about his own needs, desires and passions. I love how he opens the fridge and makes himself a snack of sauerkraut and carrots or black beans and corn chips or when he whips up personal drink concoctions in the blender. (The raspberry pink splotches on the wall I could do without.)
Eleven-years-old may bring a bit more eye-rolling, but I’ll take it if it comes with the laugher, compassion and communication we’ve been having together lately. This new year I wish for more of the same in terms of a graceful evolution of our mother-son relationship.

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Almost everyone I know loves a good cup of chai.
The truth is your chai loves you too. Not only is the warm cup of herbs and spices the perfect antidote to a busy and blustery day, but those typical chai ingredients are also loaded with effective seasonal healing powers.
And I like to throw in a bit of turmeric for its great anti-inflammatory potential.
Sure, you can think of your chai as a blood sugar regulating, immune boosting, brain focusing, gastro-intestinal supporting, anti-inflammatory tonic. But I’d rather think of it as a treat with benefits.
Go ahead and try some of these yummy options by the fire this holiday season. I think you’ll agree. . .
Chai ~ off-the-shelf to in-your-pantry options

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