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Gong Hey Fat Choy!

(That means Happy Chinese New Year.)

Back in the days when I worked in book publishing, Chinese New Year was a grand time for sweet indulgence and taking a deep breadth. I worked with suppliers from around the globe, but most were located in China, with offices in Hong Kong.

When I traveled to Hong Kong it was hard work. I was often on press check, woken up around the clock to go to the print factory and look over sheets as they came off the printing presses. Certain books wouldn’t be printed without my approval and it took a keen eye and stellar fortitude to check for color perfection at 2, 3, 4am. Though not much could bring me to tears, the pressure of those excursions could, and often would!

But there was always the reward.

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Get over yourself

I’m a little nervous leading with that headline. No, I’m not telling you to get over yourself. Really I’m not. Sometimes it’s completely appropriate to take ourselves seriously.
I am, however, telling myself to get over myself.
Get over yourself has been my mantra this new year. I put it into practice last week when I shot four videos for my upcoming online course called Holistic Nutrition Lab (holistic health coaches. . . this one’s for YOU!).
Venturing into unknown territory is never easy. We’re a culture that generally wants ease, a quick fix, a magic bullet to avoid discomfort and disease.
Unfortunately, most opportunities for growth don’t come without a bit of distress and unease. For me, even the seemingly benign act of shooting video fell into the realm of disquiet. It took a tremendous amount of letting go, trusting the process and getting over myself.

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Coffee…not today

Recently I’ve had coffee brain.

No, I haven’t been drinking coffee. It’s been years since I’ve had a cup. In my younger days I worked in coffee shops and savored lattes throughout the day. Then came the years where I sought out the best quality beans, ground them fresh each morning and delicately brewed the grind in a turkish tea pot on my stovetop for the most sumptuous elixir.

But those days are long over. So why the coffee brain? Well its all a matter of chemistry.

When I was studying nutrition, and going through several years of hard-core sciences to gain a solid physiological foundation, I had a cousin say to me: That’s interesting that you think of nutrition on a chemical level. I never would have thought about it like that. (Curiously, she was studying to be a doctor at the time.)

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