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Fancy Nut Butters

Have you noticed it too?

The nut butter aisle at my health food store is growing.

In fact it’s not just growing, its stretching. . . stretching into the realms of cinnamon, spices and superfoods. Fancy stuff! I couldn’t be happier.

The other day my son and I dipped slices of green apples in a nut butter confection that I swear tasted just like caramel.

In my opinion. . .
they’re not to be hidden in smoothies,
they’re not to be used for the lunchbox,
but, well, maybe they are good for a little love boat ride to heaven.

These gourmet flavored nut butter combos are like prepared dessert in a jar!
(And they don’t have to contain refined sugar, evaporated cane juice and certainly not corn syrup to deliver their sweet goodness.)

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Sugar & Inflammation

What’s all this about sugar bombs?
I love when my work flows together. . . when this teaching leads to that concept and all of a sudden another piece of the health puzzle comes into crisp focus.
That’s the experience I’m having this week.
Just last weekend I taught the Immune Intensive as part of my Holistic Nutrition Lab training for health coaches. In just a few short days I’ll be co-leading the Sweet Victory Detox with superstar Canadian chef, Ricki Heller. This week I get to sit between the two worlds of immunity and sugar. I can connect the dots and find the excellent melding of the two ~ sensibility that blends as beautifully as cacao and almond butter or apples and cinnamon, leading to the purity of one of those AHA moments.
The amalgamation of the realms of immunity and sugar lead to one place: inflammation. . .
The ultimate sugar bomb.
Let’s start with inflammation
Thousands of years ago the Romans described the major components of inflammation:
calor (heat)
rubor (redness)
tumor (swelling)
and dolor (pain)

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Make that I ALMOST never get sick. . .

Spring has arrived and everything is coming up, well, everything is coming up BROTH.
It’s true. Broth is springing up all over the place.
Last week I was a part of two very active Facebook conversations about broth. One about cracked bones and fish heads. The other about cracked mason jars and non-toxic freezer containers.
I’ve been having detailed discussions with a holistic chef who is making nutrient-dense broths for blended soups for a number of clients I have on a specific gut-healing protocol. Broths blended with cooked veggies and healing spices.
And, thankfully, I’ve been the lucky recipient of broth-laden care packages to help heal what’s been ailing me. Ice cubes of bone broth and a jar of Magic Mineral Broth. Because even though I never get sick, I actually got knock-down sick last week!
I was sick enough to have to postpone a class I was scheduled to teach this past weekend. A first for me. And the responses I got to my email of the date change were tremendous. The students were kind. They were thoughtful. And, there were many that said: I never get sick either and I’m sick too!

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On the Road Again

My plate has looked a bit different this past month. Perhaps the food itself has appeared as my usual travel fare, but the plates themselves have been an ever-changing rotation of dishes served from New York, New Jersey, Arizona and two different cities in California.

In fact I’m writing this from one of those cities right now!

While the plates have changed, like I said, the food remains fairly consistent. In fact, while some people throw all caution to the wind when they travel, I have to admit that I do the opposite. Particularly for travel related to business or my work, which is what I’ve been doing.

When I travel, I tighten the food reigns.

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