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Food & Mood Swing in Spring

All week I’ve been pondering the fact that both the words hunger and anger end in gerrrrr.
Because that’s what I’ve been feeling lately. . . a whole lot of gerrrr. Gerrrr in my belly and gerrrr in my furrowed brow.
Are you feeling it too?
Maybe migraines?
Or that constant turning over of things in your mind, distracting you from where you want to be (which may be sleeping).
Oh, and hunger too. Did I say hunger?! Hunger (with a capital ‘H’).

It should come as no surprise that these feelings arise.
Spring is here. Spring is the season of the liver.
In getting ready to lead 100+ Rejuvenate Cleansers through the TrulyFood Liver Cleanse, I think I may be feeling their preparatory angst and anger as well as my own seasonal food & mood swings!
Biologically, the liver is the body’s gatekeeper. It detoxifies all your blood, helping to breakdown and ideally eliminate what isn’t serving you in there. And girl does your liver have a tough job! You’re literally assaulted by myriad toxins everyday.
There are two categories of toxins that take their timely toll:
exogenous toxins and endogenous toxins

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Goji Berries

in this RecipEmail:

a note from Andrea
get your goji on for the holiday with these Oh-Gee Goji Nakayummies
goji: the most nutritionally rich food on the planet?

They’re so good for you!

I have to admit that I’d never been a fan of goji berries.
My son doesn’t fancy them either.
But really, they’re so good for you! They’re protein and antioxidant-rich, hormone balancing, powerful chewy little nuggets that promote health and longevity. So over the years I’ve gotten pretty crafty about sneaking that goji goodness into myriad recipes.
One of my favorite goji berries recipes is my Oh-Gee Goji Berry Nakayummy. They’re just perfect for Easter.
I wanted to get this recipe into your hands for the holiday weekend. This week I’ll be sending you my all-time favorite goji laden smoothie recipe that the kid in your kitchen or in your heart is going to gobble up with goji giddiness.
And don’t be shy about giving a handful of gojis a go. While I’m not a fan of the flavor, most people just lover them. Use them like you would raisins in GORP, cookies or bars. Sprinkle them on your morning bowl of oats or grain-free seed porridge, you can even throw them in a pot of broth as I suggested last month! Think matzoh ball soup with a little nutritional boost.

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It’s here! It’s here!

It’s here! It’s here!

It’s spring I’m talking about.
Yes indeed. It’s here. Have you noticed it too?

Every spring I fall in love all over again. . .

I fall in love with the weather, teased by the whimsical days of warmth and sunshine.

I fall in love with the signs of life blossoming around me, the baby chicks in the neighbors yard and the daffodils on the front lawn.

I fall in love with tender spring greens sprouting in the garden and delicately lined up at the farmer’s market in sweet little bundles.

I fall in love with freshly picked morel mushrooms, earthy, nutty and comical to behold.

And I don’t know about you, but I most definitely fall in love with cleansing my liver ~ the largest internal organ in my body and my functional body guard for protecting me from all the toxins I’m exposed to everyday, from phthalates to BPA to those pesky excess estrogens!.

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