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The end of stay-cation

The end of May-cation

My May-cation has come to an end.
I have no remorse. No regrets. No pining for more time to May-cate.
Truth be told, I’m ready; with more energy, more resolve and more engagement in my daily routine.
The month of May started out busy, with lots of travel, the opportunity to make great connections with colleagues and friends, and then the ensuing case of catch-up.
After it all, something happened. I didn’t contemplate its occurrence. I didn’t plan a stitch of it. But somehow, a part of me, a part not connected to my thinking, contemplating self, demanded a peaceful resistance to my usual routine.
It’s that peaceful resistance that I’m calling May-cation.
Here’s what my May-cation looked like:
I turned my computer off at 9pm (instead of aiming for 10pm like I usually do)
I removed my alarm clock from my room, allowing myself to wake-up naturally each morning (which for me is still usually around 5:30am)
“Sleeping in” like that (i.e., not getting up at 5:00am) meant that I didn’t go to any of my workout classes
And I didn’t call. I didn’t write (unnecessary emails or Facebook posts or Tweets or even a newsletter, that is)

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