Monthly Archives: June 2012

a match made in heaven

June is the month of matches made in heaven.

It’s the month of marriage, weddings and satisfying unions.

This month I’d like to celebrate all things that compliment one another. Things like . .

biscuits and gravy
chocolate and peanut butter (I confess: I use sunflower seed butter instead)
hummus and (gluten-free) pita
chocolate and mint (clearly we can’t get enough chocolate!)
and a healthy diet and a fun exercise routine

Oooh. Was that last one a bit of a buzz kill?

Well it doesn’t have to be. Really!

Because all those tantalizing food matches I listed can be included in a healthy diet. Even a healthy DETOX diet like this month’s Body Blast: The 25-Day Anti-Inflammatory Detox with Changes that Last!

And what I’ve found for myself, and what we discovered with the 25-Day challenge that we did for Prevention Magazine back in April, is that pairing an anti-inflammatory dietary protocol with a fun at-home barre workout is truly a match made in heaven. It yields results that lead to:

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