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Blood Sugar

You know what?

I’m sweet on you and your health.

That’s why I hosted the ‘Why Does Blood Sugar Matter’ Q&A last week and still want to take time to explore some of the top questions I receive about blood sugar.

It’s that important!

There are a host of possible causes for bogus blood sugar metabolism. Things such as:

excess or deficient release of the hormone insulin
impaired cell receptivity
under or overactive adrenal glands
compromised liver health
too much sugar or refined carbohydrates or even high glycemic foods in the diet
thyroid issues
surplus stress
and more!

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Is Banana a 4-Letter Word?

You may be wondering why I’m so focused on blood sugar right now.

Well, blood sugar affects your mood, your weight, your mechanisms of hunger and your hormone balance.

When its out of whack for too long it can lead to chronic disease states like diabetes, hypertension, Candida and persistent internal inflammation.

Managing blood sugar is a BIG DEAL!

It’s one of the core baselines of good health.

But just what is blood sugar?

Blood sugar is basically the sugar ~ or glucose ~ in the blood. And glucose is the elemental factor of every single carbohydrate you eat.

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Are we there yet?

Oftentimes clients will ask me how they know when they’re there.

Are we there yet?

Have we reached our dietary goal?

Is this the stopping point?

Is it all better now?

But for some of us, there is an elusive place that’s as hard to reach as OZ during waking moments. It’s not that we can’t (and don’t!) achieve our goal weight, energy and physical stride. It’s that it can be challenging to stay there. . . forever.

I’m not talking about the difficulty of Sticking With It!, of learning how to heed your prescribed dietary plan or known parameters for optimal health. Instead I’m referring to the changes that occur within our bodies themselves.

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