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What’s the BUZZ?

This month’s featured ingredient:

bee pollen


in this RecipEmail:

a note from Andrea about the summer BUZZ
a recipe for Peach Royal Smoothie
this month’s culinary medicinal Bee Pollen
There’s been lots of BUZZ this summer.

The busy bee kind of buzz ~ with lots of summer plans, summer visitors and summer activities. The buzz of Refresh, the signature TrulyFood Cleanse of the Season, starting this coming week! And, for me, the buzz of delving a bit more into the power of bees.

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get to the root

This month: getting to the root of it all

What do the following symptoms have in common?

gas and bloating
allergies and/or sensitivities to certain foods or smells
eczema or acne
brain fog, anxiety and depression
The commonality in all those symptoms is that they share a root cause.

That’s right. All those disparate manifestations, from your belly to your skin to your brain, stem from the same place.

Do you know what it is?

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a return to core values

My plate this past week has been more of a glass, a straw and a bowl of blended goodies than an actual plate.

You see I’ve taken this week ~ the week after a flurry of summer guests, the week of my 47th birthday, and the week of the anniversary of my husband Isamu’s passing (eleven years ago yesterday) ~ to sink back into myself, back into my core.

To cleanse.

To quiet.

To nourish.

And to realign with my true intentions.

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Sun-dried cherries and Snowcones

As soon as the sun starts shining, my son sets in motion his campaign for snow cones.

Truth be told, he’s never had an actual snow cone ~ the kind with sugared, flavored syrup poured over a conical block of shaved ice. Yet he has been to a Portlandia party or two where the shave ice device was used with the option of a homemade honey lemon syrup.

And from there a thirst for the refreshing and icy sweet treat was born.

This past week, with my niece visiting for a week of what we call ‘Camp Auntie’, I’ve been trying my hand (and my blending devices) at a variety of snow cone options.

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