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It’s easy going green: hormone balance and green tea

It’s been a long time since I’ve taken a moment to meditate on the migration of my meals and morsels on these pages you read. But as I prepare for the EstroZen Detox, I’m deep in thought of the physiology of food.

Not just my food, but hopefully yours too!

Which foods support your hormone balance and which thwart it?

It’s all a careful correspondence as I articulated in the Tipping the Scale Webinar on Saturday. And I must confess that I love delving into the nitty gritty details to customize a dietary protocol that delivers the best results possible, while also creating a blueprint you can carry easily into your everyday.

Today I want to make testament to the tea leaf ~ the green tea leaf.

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Be Aware and Act: Flax

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

That does not mean that your awareness and action should stop by the end of the week. In fact, you should be honing your breast cancer awareness throughout the year (and that’s for women and men alike!).

Approximately 75% of breast cancers are estrogen receptor positive. What this means for you is that one of your best cancer prevention technique is addressing your internal hormonal equilibrium and understanding the estrogen dominance that plagues so many of us (again, women and men alike).

But estrogen dominance doesn’t just result in breast cancer.

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Join me for a Free Class on Hormones Next Week!

You’re not crazy.

Whether or not you’ve come to accept the internal havoc that can result from myriad hormonal shifts and transitions, you may actually have more authority over the situation than you realize.

This seminar is for you if you’re ready to harness your health and happiness.

This is a crucial conversation if you’re a mom with daughters.

This is a course for intelligent feminists, health enthusiasts and radical women who want to be a compelling force of wisdom and power in the world!

And I promise you this: I’ll make the information palatable so that it’s easy to understand the complexity of your hormone hierarchy.

If you want to remain in the dark, as we have been kept for far too long regarding our hormones, then this seminar may not be for you. But I think I know you well by now. . . I believe you’re ready to shed the light and reclaim regulation.

You can take the first steps immediately.

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Free Class on Hormones Influencing Health, Happiness and Weight Loss

Whoa! Steady girl. . .

Have you ever felt like you’re eating beautifully, exercising regularly, taking care of yourself in all the ways you know how and yet still the number on the scale is tipping higher and higher each time you step on its platform?


Maybe you’ve tried several cleanses and detoxes and if you’re not starving yourself, you watch or listen to every single person around you broadcasting their weight loss successes and while, yes, you feel more clean and clear and maybe even a little less bloated, not a pound has been shed from your body.


Perhaps you hold strict rules for yourself. You’re committed to your health and to aging gracefully and indeed, you are! And yet, if you go to a party and even look at a piece of cake, it seems your waist thickens.

These are some telltale signs.

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Aloe Vera Juice: Healing the Skin (Inside & Out)

You’re likely familiar with the idea of putting aloe on your outer skin to soothe either a sunburn or an inopportune encounter with some fire ~ from the stovetop, the fireplace or your campground dinner.

But can aloe actually provide some benefits for that internal skin as well?

You bet it can!

It was over 3,500 years ago that the health benefits of aloe were first documented. But the research didn’t stop there.

There’s a body of contemporary research that contributes to the reasons why I’m a fan of the healing benefits of aloe vera juice. I include it in many of my cleanses, like our upcoming Retreat: A TrulyFood Autumn Cleanse.

I also like to incorporate aloe vera juice into particular clients’ daily protocols and smoothies to help address specific digestive disturbances from heartburn to ulcers to intestinal or bowel inflammation to diarrhea. But why?

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