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What the future holds. . .

That was then, this is now. What’s next?

The Future of Nutrition

I can remember the day when thinking about the role of nutrition in healthcare was seen as ridiculous or whacky.

Physicians could easily say things like: “Your food has nothing to do with your current condition,” and patients wouldn’t leave their offices questioning them or suspecting anything different.

Today we have Dr. Oz speaking on television about diet and nutrition almost daily, healthy food shows on the Food Network and a vast array of food bloggers sharing their healing journeys through diet along with their amazing recipes to help walk the dietary-described talk.

That was then, this is now.

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Could this be you? (special invitation)

“Do you have groups for people who have lots of weight to lose?”

This is a question that came up in the fall.

It was asked on our private Message Board by one of the participants in our fall detox.

In fact, let me share parts of that conversation with you, in case this is you too. . .

“I was wondering if you ever have support groups for people who have lots of weight to lose. Being here has been so comforting to me. It helps to know that there are others ‘out there’ who are eating the same thing, asking questions (and reading their answers), making healthier choices, etc.. I know I likely need some one-on-one nutrition support too but I was just curious as this would be a great option for me!”

“Hey, this is a great idea! I’m in the same boat!”

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There’s something I don’t want you to miss

Did you know that nutrition has a future?

It does! And it’s being formed and informed by those of us in the field that are willing to look beyond one or another dietary theory (constantly trading one fad diet for the next), or superficial quick-fixes that only leave us questioning the role food really plays in our overall health (well that didn’t work!).

The future of nutrition is evolving.

It’s heart-centered.

It’s evidence-based.

And it’s real.

Now, more than ever, it’s time for a whole new understanding of nutrition.

We have abundant access to facts and information in the field ~ so much so that it’s hard to keep up! Yet despite the bounty of intelligence in this sphere of influence, you still may find yourself searching long and hard for true healing wisdom.

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