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Encore Presentation and Q&A Tonight!

Did yesterday’s Clinical Quickie leave you with any “burning” questions about heartburn? It’s one of my favorite subjects to address in the Digestive Intensive because it’s one of those wildly misunderstood and mistreated conditions.

And we can help bring remedy and relief to clients so easily when we know and understand what’s going on in there! That’s cool enough to quell any burning!

Before I get ahead of myself, I have two important bits of information to share with you today. . . .

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Functional Nutrition 101 Encore!

This past weekend was a biggie.

The attendance for Functional Nutrition 101 was phenomenal, we received loads of great feedback, and we had lots of fun answering questions on the Holistic Nutrition Lab Facebook Page the following day!

(It’s clearly a smart tribe that’s raised their hands to learn more about functional nutrition.)

While we’ve made the recording of the seminar available for you in case you missed it, we wanted to invite you to a special encore presentation that we’ll be hosting thisThursday night.

The extra special thing about this encore presentation is that I’m going to hop on the phone, live, to answer your questions immediately after the call.


Don’t miss this opportunity to consider how the guiding principles of functional medicine apply to your successes in your practice. . .

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Functional Nutrition 101

Today I’d love to introduce the concept of nutritional dogma vs. dharma.

Which do you prescribe to?

In Friday’s Functional Nutrition 101 Seminar I’ll spotlight the key practice that we use within the Replenish PDX counseling system to enroll clients and ensure that we’re meeting their unique health needs.

I’m not talking about sales strategies or pitches. I am talking about the true principles of functional medicine and bioindividuality.

I confess that it’s been a tremendous year of business growth spurts and hurts for Replenish.

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Dreaming of changes in health care…

Hi Alexander,

I have a dream.

It’s a dream that involves you.

A dream that I believe we can realize together.

In fact, I think it’s a dream that we share. . .

I have a dream that we are the ones that are poised to change the face of healthcare.

We can do this by bridging gaps,

▪ between the personal and the medical
▪ between food, physiology and optimal wellness
▪ between personal agency & the impulse to put health into the hands of doctors alone

We can do this.

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Rest & Digest

You may be wondering what stress has to do with your digestion.

Or you may already know.

You’ve likely felt butterflies in your stomach before a big event ~ a performance, your wedding, or even prior to a difficult conversation with your partner or boss. And in those moments you’re likely not thinking about french fries.

Yet in my practice I often see clients who are suffering from chronic stressors.

It could be a difficult job that’s been taking a toll for months.

It might be systemic pain.

Or it may just be the challenges of everyday modern living ~ kids, finances and getting a good meal on the table at the end of a busy day.

Let’s face it: life can be stressful!

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The elephant in the room. . .

It’s true. There’s an elephant in the room!

You were likely told in nutrition school that you already know everything you need to know about the principles of a healthy diet. And that’s true too.

But today I’d like to invite you to consider the next steps.

What beyond a healthy diet are the keys to a successful holistic health practice?

Come check out the upgraded Holistic Nutrition Lab website and watch the videos where I reveal the key factors of a successful nutrition practice.

And allow me to tell you a story, a story about the elephant in the room. . .

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What’s going on in there?

Over the years, I’ve built Replenish with a lot of love and passion but with one core principle, a principle that I like to call. . .

what’s going on in there?

There’s actually a book called “What’s Going On In There?” by a neurologist named Lise Eliot. That book is about learning what’s going on in your baby’s brain as they’re responding to their environment and growing each day, month and year.

I read that book, many moons ago, when my now thirteen-year-old son was developing in my womb.

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Our Stories, Ourselves

When I was a kid, we all read the book Our Bodies, Ourselves, the pivotal book on women’s health and sexuality. Do you remember it?

The book spoke openly about subjects that were formerly, publicly, taboo ~ subjects such as why we bleed and get cramps, how to protect ourselves during sex and where our sexuality may be seated inside of our bodies. Women, young and old, were hungry for this information about ourselves.

Our Bodies, Ourselves sold over 250,000 copies as a hand-made pamphlet, without any advertising, and has gone on to sell over four million copies world-wide.

It’s interesting that over forty years later, we still need to fight to uncover the information that speaks to what’s going on in there.

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