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Start with the Gut

It’s been several months since I’ve written a Consumer’s Report.

Please don’t let that fool you into believing that I’m not a consumer. Like you, I get caught out-and-about and also just appreciate being able to buy a pre-packaged thing or two that meets my exacting standards and serves my gut intentions.

I especially love to get my hands on a product that simultaneously passes the grade, is gratifying to the taste buds and fuels my health. That’s what these pages are all about!

Today I raise a glass to KeVita, my favorite drink on-the-go.

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Q&A with Andrea: Is Agave Good or Bad?

Q&A With Andrea

Confused by conflicting nutrition advice? Get Answers from an Expert!

Question: Is agave good or bad?

The agave question comes up a lot. Many of the answers in this regard stem from how agave is processed. Some of the confusion lies in the differing methods by which the agave plant (or plants, as there are different species) is converted into a sweet syrup.

But I’d like to focus on another question: How does the body digest agave?

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BOSS isn’t your average sugar detox. Find out why!

I’ve got good news for you. . .

It’s not to late to join BOSS!

And I’m eager to tell you why this news is good for you!

I’m guessing you’ve tried a “sugar detox” before.

Perhaps with a group or flying solo.

Maybe you felt good (or bad!) during the detox but whatever you were doing didn’t feel sustainable. Your old friend sugar lured you back. The muffins and mid-morning mochas returned to your routine.

Maybe you’re reluctant to try again for fear of failing.

But here’s the thing. . . BOSS isn’t your average sugar detox.

In fact, it’s NOT a sugar detox at all, or should I say alone. BOSS is about balancing your blood sugar (we do indeed remove sugar but that’s not the end game). And this is one thing that makes BOSS different.

I want you to be empowered by what’s going on inside your body and mind when those sugar cravings strike so you can truly address them.

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Be the BOSS of your Brain

Let’s get brainy!

I’ve been thinking about brain health lately. My brain is always bursting with ideas but these past few months I’ve had an especially busy brain. Do you know what I mean?

Honestly, I thrive with a highly active brain (and I bet you might, too!) but it can be exhausting as well. That’s why I’ve been turning my focus to nourishing my brain.

I want to invite you to nourish your noggin too!

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I’m Sweet on You

You know what?

I’m sweet on you and your health.

That’s why I’m hosting the free class tomorrow,’Even Keel: The Three Keys to Sustainable Blood Sugar Balance’ and still want to take time to explore some of the top questions I receive about blood sugar.

It’s that important. (And dare I say, that misunderstood!)

There are a host of possible causes for bogus blood sugar metabolism. Things such as:

▪ excess or deficient release of the hormone insulin
▪ impaired cell receptivity
▪ under or overactive adrenal glands
▪ compromised liver health
▪ too much sugar or refined carbohydrates or even high glycemic foods in the diet
▪ thyroid issues
▪ surplus stress
▪ and more!

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