Step away from the scale!

Presents, plum pudding (gluten-free, dairy free and refined sugar-free, of course), purple PJs and people I love. That’s how I spent my Christmas. How about you?

Looking back, I know I overindulged in more ways than one. Even though I mostly “walk the line”, during the holidays there’s always a little veering off the path and into the “bike lane”, as I like to call it.

Too much, a little more, another bite won’t hurt…ahhh the joys of indulgence.

We all do it ~ no matter our usual parameters ~ and for most of us, it leaves the feeling of desperately wanting to find a way back to our own unique “center”. This is something I hear from so many people, near and far, old and young. You may be feeling it today too!

For me, perhaps as my 50th birthday gets closer and closer (I still have a year-and-a-half before I get there, but it’s certainly looming in the not too distant future, as those big milestones tend to do!), I can sense the hormone shifts making themselves known, forcing me to define my “center” in a whole new way.

Tipping the Scale: The Role Your Hormones Play in Influencing Your Health, Happiness & Weight Loss Goals

Hormone struggles have been relatively easy for me throughout my life. I say “relatively” because I did have wicked cramps and acne as a teen, it took a bit longer than I would have liked to get pregnant in my thirties, and in my early forties I discovered I had blood sugar, adrenal and autoimmune thyroid issues. (hello hormones!) It sounds extreme, but more women than not experience hormonal fluctuations that leave us frustrated, scratching our heads and seeking remedy, or, like me, only discovering later that our hormones were, in part, to blame and that there was something we could have actually done about it along the way.

That’s why I have three post-Christmas recommendations for you…

recommendation #1: step away from the scale!

Seriously. This is no time to beat yourself up or to entertain feelings of frustration, head scratching or disappointment. Roll with the merriment (while not throwing caution to the wind or indulging in too many rolls).

Don’t give up hope. Hope is fueled not just by information, but by practice and understanding and seeing and feeling a difference for the time you invest in yourself. That can happen!

The root of the original word “hope” actually means a “change in direction,” directions that are different and unique to specific paradigms. / Hope does not consist of expectations that things will come out exactly right, but the expectation that they will make sense.

recommendation #2: make sense of your hormones!

If you know me, you know I like to say “you are not what you eat, but what your body can do with what you eat!”

In this hopeful way, we don’t have to go chasing the perfect diet, but instead develop a deeper understanding of how the choices we make affect our internal chemistry. It’s easier than it sounds!

This new year, instead of jumping into the same ‘ol, same ‘ol protocol to try to find your way back to center, shift the paradigm, change direction, and regain hope by getting to the (hormonal) roots of what irks you and joining me for this free weekend seminar…

Tipping the Scale: The Role Your Hormones Play in Influencing Your Health, Happiness & Weight Loss Goals

a free 90-minute webinar on January 3 at 9am PT / 12pm ET

that’s NEXT Saturday!

click here to reserve your spot and regain your hope!

Once you’ve claimed your spot for the seminar and marked your calendar to join me, you’ll receive three additional tributes to supporting your hormone balance; three gifts to help calibrate your concrete action steps for hormonal poise and potential in relation to your energy, your weight and even your sex drive. Woohoo!

Studies show that “hope” is experienced in three interrelated realms: personal spirit (personal realm); risk (situational real); authentic caring (interpersonal realm). What happens when we receive the trifecta, stepping into a situation that allows for community while providing individual support for what’s currently unknown is that hope can become reality.

recommendation #3: give your hormones hope!

The Tipping the Scale seminar is for you if you’re ready to harness your health and happiness.

This is a crucial conversation if you’re a mom with daughters.

This is a course for intelligent feminists, health enthusiasts and radical women who want to be a compelling force of wisdom and power in the world!

And I promise you this: I’ll make the information palatable so that it’s easy to understand the complexity of your hormone hierarchy and take next-steps to support yourself.

If you want to remain in the dark, as we have been kept for far too long regarding our hormones, then this seminar may not be for you. But I think I know you well by now…I believe you’re ready to shed the light, reclaim regulation and restore hope.

And if you know you’re ready to step into a deep experience of making sense, making food, and making a big difference in your own health and hormones, then claim the Early Bird Special on the upcoming Estrozen: The Detox Diet to Restore Hormonal Balance. (The early bird discount ends on December 31st and this is the program and protocol that women beg me for all year long. . . because it works!)

“I have been looking for answers and help for the past 4 years and this detox has made the biggest difference in my life.”
Thank you so much for imparting this information and for all your support. I look and feel like a new person! I have been looking for answers and help for the past 4 years and this detox has made the biggest difference in my life. I am afraid to make any changes to my diet as I feel so good and truthfully do not miss any of the foods we eliminated. I am looking forward to doing many more classes and cleanses with you in the future. You are amazing!

“I’m thrilled to report that I see a noticeable difference in my belly size.”
I just wanted to say that I am feeling good and have dropped 3 lbs! The biggest difference I have noticed is the change in belly size. It has only been the last year that I have seen a dramatic change in belly fat and bloating. I would stand sideways in front of my bathroom mirror every night before bed and cry because I seriously looked 6 months pregnant! No exaggeration here! But I am thrilled to report that I now see a noticeable difference in my belly size. Hurray!!

This has been a remarkable course so far! I am learning so much and integrating information that I have learned over the years but never fully understood. Everything you do at Replenish is so cutting edge and first class all the way. Andrea, your wisdom amazes me and the team you have assembled to support your work is so apparent in every component of this course. Kudos to everyone…what you do is life changing and that must feel pretty darn good!

“I have more energy. I feel clearer, more present. This alone is worth its weight in gold.”
I woke up this morning and realized I actually WOKE up, not fuzzy and still half-asleep. I have more energy. I feel clearer, more present. This alone is worth its weight in gold. My fuzzy forgetfulness is legendary at this point in our family. They might have to get acquainted with a whole new Mom!

It may seem funny to marry conversations about hope and hormones, but they belong together. And 2015 is the year to harness a new kind of knowing…knowing yourself!

Make the new year the year of you.

And make it easy. Start by joining me for the free seminar on January 3rd…Tipping the Scale: The Role Your Hormones Play in Your Health, Happiness & Weight Loss Goals

See you there!

Andrea Nakayama

P.S. Got questions? Let us know! Email us at

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