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get your goji going for Valentine’s Day!

It’s February RecipEmail time!

RecipEmails, from Replenish PDX are a monthly recipe delivery with a side of information highlighting one key ingredient.

This month’s featured ingredient:

goji berries

(and chocolate, can’t forget that this month!)

in this RecipEmail:

~ a note from Andrea
~ get your goji on for Valentine’s Day with these Oh-Gee Goji Nakayummies
~ goji: the most nutritionally rich food on the planet?

I have to admit that I’d never been a fan of goji berries.

My son, Gilbert, doesn’t fancy them either.

But really, they’re so good for you!

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giddy for ghee!

I get it. . . sometimes you just don’t have time to make it yourself.

That’s why I like to share my recommendations and reviews for foodstuff you can purchase while aiming to achieve optimal health and wellness.

This month: ghee

When I graduated college, unorthodoxly in the middle of winter, over half a lifetime ago, my friends threw a party for me.

Generously, they tried to identify my favorite food to serve at the gathering. They were all a bit flummoxed. Each of them knew that my favorite food was not typical party-fare.

My favorite food? Buttered Toast.

I would sit for hours reading, studying, drawing up plans for new projects fueled by thick slices of German rye bread that I’d toast in the oven then slather with butter. A sprinkling of salt and a cup of tea and I was set for hours on end.

Then life happened. First the dairy left the dietary picture. Gone was the butter. Then it was goodbye gluten (and the rye along with it).

My favorite food no longer favored me! Can you relate?

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