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do you ever wonder. . . are we there yet?

Often times clients will ask me how they know when they’re “there”.

Are we there yet?

Have we reached our dietary goals?

Is this the stopping point?

Is it all better now?

But for some of us, there is an elusive place that’s as hard to reach as OZ during waking moments. It’s not that we can’t (and don’t!) achieve our goal weight, energy and physical stride.

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uh-oh, your energy is expiring!

Long after I stopped eating refined sugar, and that afternoon walk to the nearby bakery was a distant memory, I still suffered the 4pm risk of an energy outage.

You know the one I’m talking about, right?

Your body feels heavier.

There’s still a stretch of the day in front of you.

The tasks ahead become foggier as you struggle to keep your head off your folded arms or attempt to convince your kids that it’s “quiet time” so you can lay down.

The idea of making dinner seems as monumental as climbing Kilimanjaro‎.

Back then, my solution to restore energy was peanut butter.

That’s right, peanut butter.
(Now a substance that’s gone by the wayside right alongside the refined sugar!)

My structured work day ended at 4 o’clock and with spoonful after spoonful (after spoonful), of peanut butter, right from the glass jar where I can scooped the organic creamy mixture from the co-op bin.

It wasn’t until I was faced with the rude awakening that I had adrenal fatigue (and thyroid issues), that I realized the importance of the energy expiration.

Even though I hadn’t eaten refined sugar in years my blood sugar still mattered.

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getting “macho” with your blood sugar

It’s blood sugar balancing RecipEmail time!iStock plantain

RecipEmails, from Replenish PDX are a monthly recipe delivery with a side of information highlighting one key ingredient and one key health concern to bring you deeper into your understanding of you.

This month’s featured ingredient:


(called “macho bananas” in the south!)

also in this RecipEmail:

▪ join me for a Even Keel, a free class about balancing your blood sugar
▪ glycemic in a nutshell
▪ a recipe for Paleo “Macho” Bread
▪ plantains: what makes ’em macho?

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shining the light (on what may not feel right)

what’s your body telling you?

For the past few days I’ve been waking up with allergic shiners ~ dark and puffy little bags of skin beneath my eyes.

I’ve also been in California, spending the holiday with my family, preparing to celebrate Passover and Easter and my son’s spring break.

But what’s up with the shiners?

What’s my body telling me & what do they shine the light on for me to see?

For one they’re telling me to ‘cool it’.

They’re telling me that it’s an ideal time to dial it back; that I may want to invite a gentle detox into my routine.

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