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water with meals… good or bad?

It’s no secret. The message is clear. . .

Drink more water.

The facts are there to support the dictate:

▪ up to 70% of your body is water (depending on your age, gender and health status)
▪ nearly half your brain is water
▪ hunger is often a mis-signaling for thirst
▪ with age, water content decreases (meaning drinking more water can actually slow the aging process!).

But do I drink enough?

How much is enough?

Is quality a concern?

And when should I drink it?

Water is one of the most significant factors affecting health.

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healthy breakfast on-the-go

There’s one question I hear all the time. The lead-in is always different:

My daughter is going on a school camping trip. . .
I’ll be away on business in Ohio for a week. . .
I’m going to visit my parents in Florida, in an area where there are no health food stores…

But the question always ends the same:

. . . what should I eat?!

It’s for this reason that I’ve created the free e-booklet called
Stick With It!: Your Top Three Secrets for Maintaining Your Healthy Eating Habits.

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Because I’m Sweet on You

You know what?

I’m sweet on you and your health.

That’s why I kicked off the BOSS detox with the first educational class last night and I’m here to talk blood sugar balancing today. Wait, wait, don’t tune me out…

It’s so important that we have this conversation. Seriously!

There are a host of possible causes for bogus blood sugar metabolism. Things such as:

▪ impaired cell receptivity
▪ under or overactive adrenal glands
▪ compromised liver health
▪ too much sugar or refined carbohydrates or even high glycemic foods in the diet
▪ thyroid issues
▪ surplus stress
▪ and more!

Let’s dive into the FAQ BS (that’s your frequently asked questions about blood sugar). These are the questions I hear most often, that may well be yours too!

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