Monthly Archives: June 2015

a surprising source of summer protein inside!

Hail summer!

In my neck of the woods, school’s out for the summer, the sky is blue and I’m keeping the front door wide open so the cats and the boys (mine and his friends) can wander in and out.

On days like this, I could sip lemonade all day long. . .

I’m a summer girl, myself. I like summer dresses and flip flops and the produce that shows up at the farmer’s market ~ from apricots and berries, to favas and peas.

I also like to pay tribute to the season by honoring the parts of my body that are traditionally associated with these warm months. Those sweet spots include the heart and the small intestine, both ready to receive the season’s nourishment.

Recognizing these organs now is another way to get in rhythm with nature.

Just like there is a circadian rhythm (the rhythm of the day), there are also seasonal rhythms. Tapping into these pulses is another way we access health.

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