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tame what ails you with this golden root

Today I’d like to take a moment to tell you a story.

I’d like to reflect on what inspired my road to nutrition; to what brings me here, writing to you today, with scientific knowledge, insights about functional medicine, and the compassion and dedication that it takes to support someone moving from a state of illness to their optimal health.

As you likely know, this part of my story begins with my husband, Isamu.

The path that lead me to the powers of food as medicine began when Isamu was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor in April of 2000. At the time, we had just learned we were pregnant with our first child.

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a spicy reunion

Last week I sat down for tea with a friend traveling the states on her honeymoon. She was visiting from Israel.

Inbal (that’s my friend), and I originally met on a food tour in Tel Aviv. She was the tour guide! And that day unfolded in delicious and unexpected ways.

There was food, yes, but also history, culture, people and stories like you would not believe. The market (or “shouk” as it’s called), was crowded with towers of spices and what tickled my interest the most were the spice blends.

When Inbal and I sat down last week in PDX (fast friends after a one-day food tour almost two years ago!), she produced a little bag of specialty spice blends, relaying the name of the mixtures and recommendations for their use.

And this spicy reunion inspired me to get spicy with you!

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