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are you feeling challenged?

Earlier this week I invited you to join me for a challenge. . .


So many wrote to say “I’m in!’ over on the Replenish PDX Facebook page.

And it’s not to late to join the tracking fun.

But, let’s face it, tracking what we eat isn’t always fun, right?

Many of us (myself included), have negative associations with logging food for calories or self-discipline; years spent restricting and judging or evaluating each morsel ingested.

This challenge is about so much more.

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this simple challenge will open your eyes…

Are you ready for a challenge?

No, this won’t be challenging to adhere to or to execute.

I promise!

I’m going to make it easy for you to use one of the top tools for helping you feel better faster, without paying any money for your efforts (yes, it’s a free challenge), or left wondering if the next dietary fad or theory is the one that’s going to finally do the trick for you.

Over the next three weeks, I’m initiating a Food/Mood/Poop Tracking Challenge.

Hold on! Don’t run away. Let me explain more.

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Counting my wins inside of heavy loss

The question I’m sitting with is what I’ve lost and what I’ve won.

Let me just start with what I’ve lost, because it’s big…
My father passed away on Thursday, February 11th at 9:30am.

It’s still fresh and raw. Yet I know you’ve been following along — reading emails I sent from the hospital and traveling with me through his surgeries, radiation and managing a circus of -ologists.

I wanted you to know.

And yet I find myself doing what we all do when we lose something or, more importantly, someone.

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Caught with your pants down on V-day?

Don’t get caught with your pants down this Valentine’s Day!

Well… do get caught with your pants down in a loving and romantic way, but not in a “whoops, I forgot to deliver the sweets, sweetie” way.

You see, it’s not too late to whip up a batch of simple and delicious candy for your honey!

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Hormone Happy Horchata

Hormones are a HOT topic!

You’ve got ’em.

I’ve got ’em.

But how do we manage them?

Is this thing called “balance” always going to elude us?

Are we doomed to some of the looming side-effects of hormonal disequilibrium no matter our age? (I’m talking…hair loss, night sweats, belly fat, breast tenderness, PMS and more!)

I’m a big fan of bringing our understanding of our bodies to a deeper level so that we have the knowledge to take the best care of ourselves right at our very own fingertips.

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