Monthly Archives: December 2016


It’s been quiet around here at Replenish, while we all take the time to, well, replenish!

I’m lucky to be doing so with my son amidst the busy markets and ancient ruins of Israel.

I hope you’re also taking the time to replenish in the thick of the bustling where you are. I certainly don’t want to take too much of your time as I know you likely have a lot to do in the next day or so, but I did want to remind you of two important things. . .

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a perfectly sized seasonal prize (cookies inside!)

This week I’m taking our spice focus to the cookie jar!

I couldn’t help myself. Collections of cookies are showing up in the holiday mail and I’m baking cookies for the Christmas party at my son’s school tomorrow night.

And, if I’m to be perfectly honest, I’d pass up pie any day for a plate of cookies!

They’re sweet and cute – like the kittens of dessert.

They land in the day like a neat little (well-deserved and perfectly sized) prize…

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the stars in your spice rack

What achievements and capabilities are you most grateful for this year?

Make a list.

Check it twice.

And be sure to give yourself a gold star. (You’ll see, it feels quite nice!)

We’ve been talking a lot about the stars in your spice rack this season, but today’s star takes the stage in both form and function…

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