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listening-in to what your symptoms are saying

At Replenish, one underlying theme of everything we do is what we call listening-in.

It’s about developing a clear line of communication with your body so that you can actually respond to its messages.

Listening-in is an art and a science. It’s a practice that I’ve developed for myself over many years and that I’m keen on teaching others because of the powerful benefits of this simple act…

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The cold-hard truth about symptoms

I’m just going to come right out and say it…symptoms suck.

Symptoms like waking up tired, feeling run down, struggling with bowel dis-regularity or sudden skin issues can possess you, monopolize your thoughts and behavior and prescribe you to a life that falls outside of your dreams and potential.

Yet symptoms can also be your dependable GPS, the internal system that provides direction and key information in all conditions.

The process of going from the suck to what I’ll call “sympathetic” doesn’t happen overnight…

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create new habits for sustainable change

Since we’ve waved goodbye to 2013 just over a week ago, I’ve found myself glancing back over my shoulder at the reflection of the year past and looking forward to this new year with excitement and anticipation. Even expectation.

This chance for reflection is one proven reason why making resolutions at this time of year is actually so effective.

Reflection + Resolution is apparently a winning combo.

(Hey, the Resolution Detox Kick-Off Class is tomorrow night. This community is eager for that promising post-reflection forward momentum. You too? Join us!)

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