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buckwheat (wait, it’s not wheat?)

Today we’re bringing back the grains. Gluten-free grains can bring a host of nutritional benefits to your granola bowl and we certainly don’t want to skip them if we don’t have to. The basis of today’s granola recipe causes some confusion in the gluten-free realm, namely because of it’s name.

Are you ready to get groaty with some buckwheat groats granola?

You may be asking: Are you sure buckwheat doesn’t have wheat?

It’s a good question!

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nutty digestion

When it comes to paleo, nuts can be a paramount part of the protocol.

And yet, nuts don’t work for all of us.

You may love them. (I do!)

You may hate them.

Your body may thrive with them. (That’s me!)

Or your gut may say no-way nuts.

Let’s break this down (in more ways than one)…

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take this tiger by the tail!

I’ve got a question for you today…

If, as you likely know by now, you are equal parts bacteria and human, just who (or what) are you feeding when you sit down to your morning meal?

While we’re still learning more each day—mapping what’s going on with those microbes and how they influence our states of health and illness, from gut to brain and immunity to pain—it’s time for each one of us to take the tiger by the tail.

We’ll do just that with the second recipe in our granola series and this week’s featured ingredient…

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granola for everyone (yes, everyone!)

One quick look in a standard cereal aisle and you’ll likely find a variety of sugar-laden desserts disguised as granola. They’re loaded with sugars and not so good fats (hey—that’s most certainly not health food, no matter what the box says!)

It might be the grains, the nuts, the seeds or the added sugars (even the more natural kinds like honey or maple syrup) that keep you from going for that granola that your kids or sweetie can happily gobble up.

Never fear!

Here on the Replenish nutrition team, we’ve got a granola recipe to suit nearly every dietary need…

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