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after the sugar bomb (tame the red hot flames)

This Wednesday, we’re moving into Week 3 of the Immune Intensive as part of my Holistic Nutrition Lab training and starting the the BOSS Detox that I teach with superstar Canadian chef, Ricki Heller.

This week I get to sit between the two worlds of immunity and sugar.

Where does the intersection of immunity and sugar lead?

To inflammation, that’s where!

The ultimate sugar bomb.

Let’s start with some insight into inflammation…

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go ahead…boss your brain around

My mind is often brimming with ideas.

But these past few months I’ve had an especially busy brain—thinking, creating, teaching, problem-solving…

Honestly, I thrive with a high-functioning head on my shoulders, (and I bet you might, too!), but it can be exhausting as well—like running a mental marathon.

That’s why I’ve turned my focus to bossing my brain around with key nourishment.

I’ve put my brain in training!

And I want to invite you to nourish your noggin too…

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Let’s Get “Macho”

You’re keen on tapping into your body’s wisdom and uncovering your best self.

You’re not ready to put your health completely into anyone else’s hands, as you’ve not found that approach to be very successful in the past.

You’re ready for the insights that will guide you in your everyday self-care, from your personal-best breakfast choice to your “baddest” beauty rest.

Let’s face it, you’re a bit macho in your know-how about your body!

And you deserve to be!

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my routine breakfast bowl

As we wrap up our granola-loving series I wanted to share one final favorite…

It’s the recipe that gives me get-up-and-go each morning. And believe me, routine doesn’t have to be a bore. I look forward to my morning bowl every day!

This is roughly my morning mixture but you can create what works for you. Don’t be shy. Mix and match to your heart’s delight. You really can’t go wrong. It’s granola after all!

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