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reframing mental health

Today we have Dr. Oz speaking on television about diet and nutrition almost daily. We see healthy food shows on the Food Network and youtube videos touting the benefits of blueberries or chia seeds. And it’s not hard to find a vast array of food bloggers sharing their healing journeys through diet along with their amazing recipes to help walk the dietary-described talk.

Best of all, we have opportunities to learn from experts on the subjects from our very own home—experts like those featured in the upcoming Mental Wellness Summit 2.

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an herb with benefits

One of the cookbook legends days that I return to again and again for some insightful lessons is The Good Herb by the food and health author Judith Benn Hurley. At this point it’s an oldie, but a goodie. A real goodie! The pages of my book are worn, smeared and dog-eared.

And one of the herbs that Hurley touts as being good for your mood, your breath, your skin and your hair is…. you guessed it, basil!

The herb that may be growing in your garden like a weed right about now….

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notebooks, lunches, snacks and sacks (get prepping!)

No matter how old you are, whether you have kids or not, this time of year holds a back-to-school air that’s undeniable.

Can you feel it too?

It can be hard when the lazy days of summer give way to the mad rush of getting everyone out the door on time with a nourishing breakfast in their belly and a healthy lunch in tow. I get it!

I’ve got some tips to help your transition that I don’t want you to miss!

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cool as a cucumber

Staying ‘cool as a cucumber’ has to do with staying hydrated through these hot summer months. (And boy is it hot here in PDX!). The flesh of the cuke is mostly comprised of water (over 90%!). It also has the ability to keep its flesh slightly cooler than the outside temperature staying cool itself. And yet the cucumber also packs an impressive store of minerals and vitamins.

When it comes to high water content, cucumbers are not surprisingly related to the watermelon. They’re also part of the same family as the zucchini, pumpkin and other squashes. Cucumbers and cucumber juices are truly traditional delicacies. They’ve been keeping people cool for thousands of years.

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