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The kitchen is my meditation room. There I make the food that will allow me to thrive, nourish my family's health, delight friends, and hopefully inspire you to try the same. The Archives section of Replenish PDX houses the newsletters where I write about recipes, nutrition information and the wellspring of reflections that come from those kitchen meditations. With these words, my hope is to bring you deeper into the connection with food your body and your understanding of how you feel and function. This is where you get to take it all home.

are you feeling challenged?

Posted on: March 12th 2015

Last week I invited you to join me for a challenge. . .


So many wrote to say “I’m in!’ over on the Replenish PDX Facebook page.

And it’s not to late to join the tracking fun.

But, let’s face it, tracking what we eat isn’t always fun, right?

Many of us (myself included), have negative associations with logging food for calories or self-discipline; years spent restricting and judging or evaluating each morsel ingested.

This challenge is about so much more.

In particular it’s about taking back one of the best tools for making associations between how we feel and what we do ~ the sweet spot where you actually have more impact over your signs and symptoms than you might realize.

In order to take back the tracking, we’re moving into this slooooooowly.

Right now, it’s just about writing down what you eat and what time you ate it.

You can do that when it happens (keeping the journal in your kitchen), or think it through at the end of the night. Either way works.

I’m thinking of this first week of our three week challenge as a laundry bin. . . just throw the items in there and walk way.

Seriously! Walk away.

No judgement. No evaluations. Not even any associations. Not yet!

Go ahead and watch my weekend video from sunny southern California, to understand the big WHY with regards to tracking.


click here to hear me talk about Food/Mood/Poop Tracking from a Functional Medicine Conference!

Your next step is easy. . .

Grab your Food, Mood, Poop Journal if you haven’t already and let’s get tracking!

Here you’ll find the Replenish PDX Food/Mood/Poop 5-Day Tracker. . Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 9.35.24 AM.

Go ahead and download your copy.

This week we’re focusing on just one column.

The FOOD Column!

No judgment.

No assessments.

Just tracking.

Then come back to the Replenish Facebook page where we’ll be talking details.



This week we are just working on the FOOD column. Don’t run away with this. We’re going slow for a reason and I’ll be giving you instructions on the Replenish Facebook page as we go.

We’re in the “gather” stage so that we can connect the dots. Is tracking hard for you? Let me know by hitting reply!

No quantity, no grams, no measurements needed. Just the pure basics . . . what you ate and when you ate it.

Next, go through your three days of tracking (including today) and circle the meals in green that include Fat/Fiber/Protein all in one meal.

Before Monday, get out more colored markers or pencils! Now go through each day and use your colored markers to make a dot at the bottom of each column to note if you ate that color that day.

What’s coming up for you with your tracking?

Tracking food can be sticky business, and I know it.

Hit reply and let me know.

Let’s see how the Food, Mood, Poop Journal can be an illuminating tool for you!



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Andrea Nakayama
Functional Nutrition