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Rest and Digest

You may be wondering what stress has to do with your digestion.

Or you may already know.

You’ve likely felt butterflies in your stomach before a big event ~ a performance, your wedding, or even prior to a difficult conversation with your partner or boss. And in those moments you’re likely not thinking about french fries.

Yet in my practice I often see clients who are suffering from chronic stressors. It could be a difficult job that’s been taking a toll for months. It might be systemic pain. Or it may just be the challenges of everyday modern living ~ kids, finances and getting a good meal on the table at the end of a busy day.

Let’s face it: life can be stressful!

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are you trying to resuscitate a dead frog?

Today I’ve got a story for you. . .

I’m going to call it:

The Resuscitation of the Dead Frog

It sounds like a fairy tale, and it is.

The good news? Fairy tales usually have happy endings!

If you’ve got a moment, stick with me for a quick recount that leads you to a much happier ending than it might appear from the title of this tale.

In 1780 an Italian anatomy professor discovered that a spark of electricity could cause the limbs of a dead frog to twitch. Yesterday I used this historical tidbit in conversation with a client who was concerned that she had become a “food addict”.

This self-proclaimed “food addict” is a gorgeous woman who’s been through some rough patches in her adult life. She’s highly capable and well-versed in the ways of making healthy food choices and taking good care of herself.

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a perfectly sized seasonal prize (cookies inside!)

This week I’m taking our spice focus to the cookie jar!

I couldn’t help myself. Collections of cookies are showing up in the holiday mail and I’m baking cookies for the Christmas party at my son’s school tomorrow night.

And, if I’m to be perfectly honest, I’d pass up pie any day for a plate of cookies!

They’re sweet and cute – like the kittens of dessert.

They land in the day like a neat little (well-deserved and perfectly sized) prize…

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the stars in your spice rack

What achievements and capabilities are you most grateful for this year?

Make a list.

Check it twice.

And be sure to give yourself a gold star. (You’ll see, it feels quite nice!)

We’ve been talking a lot about the stars in your spice rack this season, but today’s star takes the stage in both form and function…

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baby, it’s cold outside (kick up the heat with cayenne!)

When it’s cold outside, I’m tempted…

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the spice that helps digest your Thanksgiving dinner

Let’s face it, holidays can bring a lot to digest, on many fronts. And, guess what, spices can help!

If you’ve ever been to an Indian restaurant and saw a little bowl of seeds at the counter, that’s fennel. It’s common practice in India to chew the seeds after a meal both to help freshen breath and stimulate digestion.

Let’s look at why during this day when there certainly is a lot to digest…

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the comforting spice that makes everything nice

For the next few weeks, we’ll start to uncover colorful spices and their culinary and medicinal uses – it’s our focus for the month ahead and as we move into the holidays, and it’s a perfect time to think about comfort in relation to our spice exploration.

Whether you’re a seasoned spice user or rarely venture beyond the basic salt and pepper, there’s so much to explore in the world of spice. (They really do make everything nice!)

Get creative and spice it up!

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what’s a healthy bowel movement?

This month: well . . . it’s poop

Am I really going to talk about poop? Indeed I am.

I know its not a pleasant topic.

Yet it’s an issue that comes up a lot in my practice. For me poop is an indicator of your health and it’s an important focus while we restore your body’s balance. It may be one of our best diagnostic tools!

Yet, the kids giggle. The adults try to hide their unease or they worry that it’s TMI.

But we get over it. And eventually we talk down and dirty details without discomfort.

The digestive system starts with the thought of food before its even consumed. It ends with the elimination of waste. Head to bottom.

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Yogurt (for everyone, really)

If you’re susceptible to the proteins in milk (think seasonal allergies, asthma, constipation, IBS, or you know full-well who you are…), then the yogurt, no matter how wholesome gets ditched right along with the milk shake.

Thankfully, there are now yogurts available for just about everyone… even me!

Read on to learn what to look for in a yogurt, our favorite brands at Replenish, and my go-to recipe for making yogurt at home…

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Have you written a love letter to your colon lately?

Your colon deserves some genuine love ~ whether you never think about it because it does just what it’s supposed to do for you, without muttering a peep, or whether it’s demanding some attention with aches, pains or erratic eliminations.

Some health practitioners might say that all health is rooted in the colon; that this is where disease originates.

It’s a concept worth considering as you continue your quest to feel your best.

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