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a letter to my body

My dear body,

You betrayed me.

I did everything I knew to take care of you – daily yoga, green smoothies, good essential fats, acupuncture, you-name-it.

You thwarted my efforts. You screamed. You demanded that you needed something different. You made it clear that I was obviously missing the mark.

I was a whirl of anger towards you. I wanted so badly to “fix” you and had zero compassion for you being broken. Why were you breaking the rules we’d developed together over a lifetime? Why weren’t you behaving?

Your attack was on a part of me. Your attack was on my thyroid….

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Cauliflower is your new spud

Many are ditching the spud with their effort to eat a lower carbohydrate or lower glycemic diet to support overall health. Both intentions are commendable for those struggling with chronic disease or their precursors. While cauliflower has only a smidge more protein than potatoes, the fiber content is higher and the carbohydrate content is significantly lower. This last reason is the #1 explanation for why cauliflower is flying off the farmer’s market tables…

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shore up your stomach

What I see, time and time again for the Replenish clients and customers is that when these connections are made, when there’s finally a reason why a particular sign or symptom is not being addressed by a standard treatment, that it brings relief, insight and the freedom to find a more clear path toward their unique recovery.

I want to help you make these important connections too.

And today I want to help you connect your thyroid to…your stomach!

That’s right, the way to your thyroid health (or one way anyway) is through your stomach.

Let’s consider just a couple of reasons why this may be so…

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Chew on this!

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with chewing.

It’s the thought of chewing that’s got my attention, not the practice. The practice is what I’m hoping to inspire today—in myself, and hopefully in you too.

I often say that ‘we’re not just what we eat, but how our body processes what we eat’. In this way, we are what we can digest, absorb and utilize.

We are, in part, the health of our organs and body systems.

It’s curious to me how we can overlook the importance of the many chemical reactions in our bodies and particularly in our digestive systems. There are those that are triggered by the food choices we make, and there are those affected by the strength and efficiencies of our organs…

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listening-in to what your symptoms are saying

At Replenish, one underlying theme of everything we do is what we call listening-in.

It’s about developing a clear line of communication with your body so that you can actually respond to its messages.

Listening-in is an art and a science. It’s a practice that I’ve developed for myself over many years and that I’m keen on teaching others because of the powerful benefits of this simple act…

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a perfectly sized seasonal prize (cookies inside!)

This week I’m taking our spice focus to the cookie jar!

I couldn’t help myself. Collections of cookies are showing up in the holiday mail and I’m baking cookies for the Christmas party at my son’s school tomorrow night.

And, if I’m to be perfectly honest, I’d pass up pie any day for a plate of cookies!

They’re sweet and cute – like the kittens of dessert.

They land in the day like a neat little (well-deserved and perfectly sized) prize…

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the stars in your spice rack

What achievements and capabilities are you most grateful for this year?

Make a list.

Check it twice.

And be sure to give yourself a gold star. (You’ll see, it feels quite nice!)

We’ve been talking a lot about the stars in your spice rack this season, but today’s star takes the stage in both form and function…

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baby, it’s cold outside (kick up the heat with cayenne!)

Kick up the heat, take a seat, and stop for a beat! Let’s have a cuppa.

what’s in my spice cupboard today?

it’s cayenne!

This red spice that’s best known for turning up the heat in your Tex-mex, and on your tongue, has a long history of use as a home-remedy, especially in the Americas…

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the spice that helps digest your Thanksgiving dinner

Let’s face it, holidays can bring a lot to digest, on many fronts. And, guess what, spices can help!

If you’ve ever been to an Indian restaurant and saw a little bowl of seeds at the counter, that’s fennel. It’s common practice in India to chew the seeds after a meal both to help freshen breath and stimulate digestion.

Let’s look at why during this day when there certainly is a lot to digest…

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the comforting spice that makes everything nice

For the next few weeks, we’ll start to uncover colorful spices and their culinary and medicinal uses – it’s our focus for the month ahead and as we move into the holidays, and it’s a perfect time to think about comfort in relation to our spice exploration.

Whether you’re a seasoned spice user or rarely venture beyond the basic salt and pepper, there’s so much to explore in the world of spice. (They really do make everything nice!)

Get creative and spice it up!

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