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slip into summer with this gut lovin’ super herb

In our clinical practice we’re always looking to find the root cause of symptoms. That usually means starting with the gut. Since most digestion and absorption happens right in that organ, it needs to be in good repair. And repair we can!

This is why we’ve been focusing on our gut lovin’ foods all summer.

We’re getting right to the root of the matter, giving you the foods to clean and restore your ultimate gatekeeper.

This week’s summer lovin’ ingredient is all bark and no bite…

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root cause rescue remedy

I want to express my gratitude for the gut loving fun we’ve had together through the dog days of summer.

We’ve traversed the twists and turns of the small intestine with one ingredient after another for weeks now, exploring my favorite superfoods for root cause remedy.

Today’s no different as I have a new ingredient to reveal…

This week’s summer lovin’ ingredient gets to the root of it:

and might just cure your coffee cravings…

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get your digestive system into mint condition

If you’ve been with me through the past month or so, you know that I’ve made our summertime communications all about loving our guts with some digestive superfoods near and dear to my core.

I’ve been sharing ideas, ingredients and recipes that not only enliven your seasonal menu, but also support the organ system that so often begs for our attention.

Did you know that in Chinese medicine summer is the month of the small intestine? It’s the perfect time to bring in some special foods that do double-duty to nourish your insides while tickling your taste buds.

And, yeah, it’s also a good time for ice cream!

Can you guess where we’re going with this?

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go ahead. . . sow your wild oats!

There are ingredients we can include in our daily menus that have impact.

And this summer I’m on a mission to talk food as medicine…

As you may know, a few weeks ago I introduced the summer gut lovin’ challenge.

It’s an easy challenge. It basically involves trying out some surprising culinary ingredients that help your gut do it’s job a bit better.

Today’s summer lovin’ ingredient is a new twist on an old favorite…

it may surprise you coming from a mostly grain-free girl like me!

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love your gut with the tigernut

Two weeks ago, I introduced the summer SI (small intestine) challenge and we’ve got some great dog days of summer ahead of us to sink into this initiative.

Don’t sweat. This is a fun challenge. It merely involves trying (or re-trying) out some surprising culinary ingredients that help your gut do it’s job a bit better.

Food is medicine after all.

Today’s summer lovin’ ingredient is a bit nutty:

it may be new to you…

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is your poop husky enough?

It may be a bit brash for me to talk to you about your BMs this early in our relationship.

Fortunately, it’s just you and me right now.

Nobody’s looking over your shoulder and I promise there’s not a person in ear shot of me at the moment. (My boy is out for the day!)

Yet if you know me, you also know I’m a fan of evaluating the shape, size, color and consistency of poop. That’s right. Poop is one of our best health diagnostic tools!

Today’s summer lovin’ ingredient is meant to bring on the husky:

can you guess it?

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the pod that loves your gut

Over the next few months I’m going to introduce you to some surprising ingredients that you can incorporate into your daily routine that will be like delivering roses or, yes, “chocolates” to your gut, sending a message of love and healing in a package of flavor.

Today’s summer lovin’ ingredient?

it’s carob!

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when the shoe fits. . .

Life has become a never-ending process of “trying on” one thing, then another, like Goldilocks wandering through the bears’ house while they’re out picking berries for their porridge. (And maybe porridge doesn’t fit with your dietary and digestive parameters, and maybe it does…)

Throughout the month of May I’ve been thinking about when the shoe fits (and when it doesn’t), quite a bit. In my own life, I tried, once again, to fit eggs back into my diet.

I so badly wanted the eggs to fit…

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food and mood swings of spring

Biologically, the liver is the body’s gatekeeper.

It detoxifies all your blood, helping to breakdown and ideally eliminate what isn’t serving you inside. And your liver certainly has a tough job.

You’re literally assaulted by myriad toxins every single day. And your liver is the unsung hero coming to your rescue.

Spring is the time to show your liver a little love!

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after the sugar bomb (tame the red hot flames)

This Wednesday, we’re moving into Week 3 of the Immune Intensive as part of my Holistic Nutrition Lab training and starting the the BOSS Detox that I teach with superstar Canadian chef, Ricki Heller.

This week I get to sit between the two worlds of immunity and sugar.

Where does the intersection of immunity and sugar lead?

To inflammation, that’s where!

The ultimate sugar bomb.

Let’s start with some insight into inflammation…

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