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5 tips for balanced energy

You may know exactly what they are, what they do and where they sit in your body.
Or, you may just have heard the term adrenal fatigue.
So many people have it and use the phrase that its virtually become synonymous with everyday living!
Your adrenals are your “fight-or-fight” gland. They secrete cortisol and adrenaline. They’ll readily release excesses of those hormones under times of stress, flooding the system with a profusion of biochemicals that send the body and brain into a tailspin.
Evidence of taxed adrenals can take many forms:
weight gain
severe fatigue
depression, anxiety and overwhelm
skin troubles such as dry skin, hair and nails
and a cascade of other hormone challenges including PMS, infertility, low libido, challenged menopause and more!

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Yogurt (for everyone, really)

If you’re susceptible to the proteins in milk (think seasonal allergies, asthma, constipation, IBS, or you know full-well who you are…), then the yogurt, no matter how wholesome gets ditched right along with the milk shake.

Thankfully, there are now yogurts available for just about everyone… even me!

Read on to learn what to look for in a yogurt, our favorite brands at Replenish, and my go-to recipe for making yogurt at home…

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crazy for kraut!

Sauerkraut, along with other fermented foods such as kimchi, pickles, kefir, miso and more, have been staples of the human diet throughout time. Without knowing it, our ancestors were eating to shift their microbiome, and therefore their health, for the better.

They ate for survival and protection. And these fermented foods helped to bolster the population of their internal bacteria to best serve their ability to ward off infection and disease. Many of us would benefit from the same.

Eating kraut regularly is one way to tune in to your internal “medicine” cabinet!

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It’s been quiet around here at Replenish, while we all take the time to, well, replenish!

I’m lucky to be doing so with my son amidst the busy markets and ancient ruins of Israel.

I hope you’re also taking the time to replenish in the thick of the bustling where you are. I certainly don’t want to take too much of your time as I know you likely have a lot to do in the next day or so, but I did want to remind you of two important things. . .

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Olive You!

For thousands of years and across myriad cultures and mythologies, the olive tree has been synonymous with “peace” and “prosperity.” And thus, so are the fruits and oils from this tree.

And while olive oil has been used for medicine and beauty for millennia, like all foods, there are some guidelines for keeping your good efforts in check and ensuring that you’re inviting the most potent health benefits.

In other words, the wrong choices could turn your good intentions into ignorant impairment…

I think of olive oil as one of our most potent pain relieving and anti-inflammatory agents.

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Noodles for everyone!

For the past month you’ve likely found me writing and talking about my love of foods the hues of the rainbow. But I wasn’t always so colorful.

When I was a kid, white was my favorite food color. (One day soon I’ll share an ode to toastthat I wrote in my early thirties. At this point my tastes had diversified, but I still loved the bland, the sticky, the gooey, the crunchy and the colorless.)

You may hold a tight grip on your childhood comfort foods and, I promise, I’m no different. Even though I currently follow a primarily grain-free diet, I still get a hankering for my bread, crackers and especially noodles.

Who among us doesn’t love noodles? Oodles and oodles of them!

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Start with the Gut

It’s been several months since I’ve written a Consumer’s Report.

Please don’t let that fool you into believing that I’m not a consumer. Like you, I get caught out-and-about and also just appreciate being able to buy a pre-packaged thing or two that meets my exacting standards and serves my gut intentions.

I especially love to get my hands on a product that simultaneously passes the grade, is gratifying to the taste buds and fuels my health. That’s what these pages are all about!

Today I raise a glass to KeVita, my favorite drink on-the-go.

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Coconut milk (read it, even if you can’t eat it!)

At the start of the month I wrote about my body’s reaction to eating eggs in this article.

I also mentioned that I’d share what I do ~ my tips and tricks ~ to address an autoimmune flare, as that’s what the eggs had initiated. I’ve been sitting with this concept. What is the toolbox for mitigating a flare (whether autoimmune or not. . . it could be gas, bloating, breakouts, PMS or any number of symptoms that go away and then return, seemingly out of the blue)?

Interestingly, I’m not alone. Not only did my eggy confession of inflammation get many responses and head nods, I also seem to be working with a number of clients right now who are trying to see the forest through the puffy, painful, tender trees.

And while I am working on drawing these tips and tricks out for you, with more details (in a newsletter coming your way soon), I thought I’d list my TOP 3 techniques for you here. . .

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Naturally Sweet & Gluten-Free

Did you know I love baking?

It’s a passion. It’s a project that can easily be brought to a conclusion. It’s my favorite form of meditation.

Sometimes I’ll even bake when I won’t consume the final product. If I used a flour or a sweetener that’s within my son or my mother’s dietary parameters (gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free), but not within mine (also grain-free and egg-free), then I’ll hand over the confection with the pride of my endeavor and the pure joy of giving.

But when the yumminess in the oven is destined for my lips too, I’m as happy as a, well, a biscuit in gravy!

That’s why I follow my favorite chefs, food bloggers and cookbook authors like an eager puppy, ready for her next treat.

And at the top of my list of favorites is my dear friend Ricki Heller, allergy-free and Candida-friendly recipe goddess and author of the blog Ricki Heller (formerly Diet, Dessert & Dogs).

You can likely imagine my anticipation in awaiting Ricki’s new cookbook, Naturally Sweet & Gluten Free, which has just released this week!

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Sun-dried cherries and Snowcones

As soon as the sun starts shining, my son sets in motion his campaign for snow cones.

Truth be told, he’s never had an actual snow cone ~ the kind with sugared, flavored syrup poured over a conical block of shaved ice. Yet he has been to a Portlandia party or two where the shave ice device was used with the option of a homemade honey lemon syrup.

And from there a thirst for the refreshing and icy sweet treat was born.

This past week, with my niece visiting for a week of what we call ‘Camp Auntie’, I’ve been trying my hand (and my blending devices) at a variety of snow cone options.

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