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It’s been quiet around here at Replenish, while we all take the time to, well, replenish!

I’m lucky to be doing so with my son amidst the busy markets and ancient ruins of Israel.

I hope you’re also taking the time to replenish in the thick of the bustling where you are. I certainly don’t want to take too much of your time as I know you likely have a lot to do in the next day or so, but I did want to remind you of two important things. . .

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Naturally Sweet & Gluten-Free

Did you know I love baking?

It’s a passion. It’s a project that can easily be brought to a conclusion. It’s my favorite form of meditation.

Sometimes I’ll even bake when I won’t consume the final product. If I used a flour or a sweetener that’s within my son or my mother’s dietary parameters (gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free), but not within mine (also grain-free and egg-free), then I’ll hand over the confection with the pride of my endeavor and the pure joy of giving.

But when the yumminess in the oven is destined for my lips too, I’m as happy as a, well, a biscuit in gravy!

That’s why I follow my favorite chefs, food bloggers and cookbook authors like an eager puppy, ready for her next treat.

And at the top of my list of favorites is my dear friend Ricki Heller, allergy-free and Candida-friendly recipe goddess and author of the blog Ricki Heller (formerly Diet, Dessert & Dogs).

You can likely imagine my anticipation in awaiting Ricki’s new cookbook, Naturally Sweet & Gluten Free, which has just released this week!

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Sun-dried cherries and Snowcones

As soon as the sun starts shining, my son sets in motion his campaign for snow cones.

Truth be told, he’s never had an actual snow cone ~ the kind with sugared, flavored syrup poured over a conical block of shaved ice. Yet he has been to a Portlandia party or two where the shave ice device was used with the option of a homemade honey lemon syrup.

And from there a thirst for the refreshing and icy sweet treat was born.

This past week, with my niece visiting for a week of what we call ‘Camp Auntie’, I’ve been trying my hand (and my blending devices) at a variety of snow cone options.

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Olive You!

This month: olive oil

For thousands of years and across myriad cultures and mythologies, the olive tree has been synonymous with “peace” and “prosperity”. And thus, so are the fruits and oils from this tree.

I think of olive oil as our #1 dietary pain reliever and anti-inflammatory agent.

In fact, freshly pressed extra-virgin olive oil contains a compound that has the same pharmacological impact as ibuprofen. That’s right! One tablespoon of olive oil may be a better curative for those spasms and tenderness that typically leave you reaching for the plastic white bottle of NSAIDs.

This same molecule, called oleocanthal, is what’s said to be at the heart of the superior health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet; a diet like we explore in Tick Tock Detox, the Replenish anti-inflammatory detox to promote anti-aging and pro-longevity.

You see, the inclusion of both anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant-rich agents, such as olive oil, really do allow us to turn back the hands of time!

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Yogurt (for everyone, really)

Do you remember the Dannon yogurt commercials from the 1970′s where they highlighted people who ate yogurt and lived long, healthy lives?

My favorite was the one with the 89 year old man who liked Dannon so much that he ate two. The best line: “This pleased his mother very much.”

Why might they be suggesting that yogurt has anything to do with longevity?

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An eggless omelette?

I can’t eat eggs.

Neither can my son.

Pity since they’re the near perfect food.

But the thing is, we’re not alone. So many people just can’t tolerate eggs, or for other reasons, choose not to eat them.

For us, the incredible has become completely inedible.

One way to know if a food you often consume doesn’t work for your body ~ for your unique ecosystem ~ is to remove that food from your diet for a short time. You can then reintroduce it and see how it feels. A great way to put this elimination process into practice and to stick with it is to engage in a guided cleanse ~ just like the one we have ready and waiting for you with the upcoming Refresh: A TrulyFood Summer Cleanse (see details below).

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Fancy Nut Butters

Have you noticed it too?

The nut butter aisle at my health food store is growing.

In fact it’s not just growing, its stretching. . . stretching into the realms of cinnamon, spices and superfoods. Fancy stuff! I couldn’t be happier.

The other day my son and I dipped slices of green apples in a nut butter confection that I swear tasted just like caramel.

In my opinion. . .
they’re not to be hidden in smoothies,
they’re not to be used for the lunchbox,
but, well, maybe they are good for a little love boat ride to heaven.

These gourmet flavored nut butter combos are like prepared dessert in a jar!
(And they don’t have to contain refined sugar, evaporated cane juice and certainly not corn syrup to deliver their sweet goodness.)

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Dandy Blend

You may know exactly what they are, what they do and where they sit in your body.
Or, you may just have heard the term adrenal fatigue.
So many people have it and use the phrase that its virtually become synonymous with everyday living!
Your adrenals are your “fight-or-fight” gland. They secrete cortisol and adrenaline. They’ll readily release excesses of those hormones under times of stress, flooding the system with a profusion of biochemicals that send the body and brain into a tailspin.
Evidence of taxed adrenals can take many forms:
weight gain
severe fatigue
depression, anxiety and overwhelm
skin troubles such as dry skin, hair and nails
and a cascade of other hormone challenges including PMS, infertility, low libido, challenged menopause and more!

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Almost everyone I know loves a good cup of chai.
The truth is your chai loves you too. Not only is the warm cup of herbs and spices the perfect antidote to a busy and blustery day, but those typical chai ingredients are also loaded with effective seasonal healing powers.
And I like to throw in a bit of turmeric for its great anti-inflammatory potential.
Sure, you can think of your chai as a blood sugar regulating, immune boosting, brain focusing, gastro-intestinal supporting, anti-inflammatory tonic. But I’d rather think of it as a treat with benefits.
Go ahead and try some of these yummy options by the fire this holiday season. I think you’ll agree. . .
Chai ~ off-the-shelf to in-your-pantry options

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When I graduated college, unorthodoxly in the middle of winter, nearly half a lifetime ago, my friends threw a party for me. Generously, they tried to identify my favorite food to serve at the gathering. They were all a bit flummoxed. Each of them knew that my favorite food was not typical party-fare. My favorite food?: buttered toast.
I would sit for hours reading, studying, drawing up plans for new projects fueled by thick slices of German rye bread that I’d toast in the oven then slather with butter. A sprinkling of salt and a cup of tea and I was set for hours on end.
Then life happened. First the dairy left the dietary picture. Gone was the butter. Then it was goodbye gluten. My favorite food no longer favored me. Can you relate?
So when I found ghee (pronounced with a hard G and rhymes with Glee), I was in heaven. Who knew that clarified butter was devoid of both lactose and casein, and was considered a healing agent in Ayurvedic (traditional Indian medicine) practices for centuries?
Let’s get clear:
That’s exactly what ghee does. It’s butter that’s gotten clear; clear of all the milk proteins and solids. Ghee is traditionally made from either cow or buffalo’s milk. The milk is heated which causes it to separate into three parts. The milk fat solids (which contain the dairy’s proteins) sink to the bottom. The water rises to the top. What’s left in the middle is a clear golden oil. This is ghee.

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