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shore up your stomach

What I see, time and time again for the Replenish clients and customers is that when these connections are made, when there’s finally a reason why a particular sign or symptom is not being addressed by a standard treatment, that it brings relief, insight and the freedom to find a more clear path toward their unique recovery.

I want to help you make these important connections too.

And today I want to help you connect your thyroid to…your stomach!

That’s right, the way to your thyroid health (or one way anyway) is through your stomach.

Let’s consider just a couple of reasons why this may be so…

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Chew on this!

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with chewing.

It’s the thought of chewing that’s got my attention, not the practice. The practice is what I’m hoping to inspire today—in myself, and hopefully in you too.

I often say that ‘we’re not just what we eat, but how our body processes what we eat’. In this way, we are what we can digest, absorb and utilize.

We are, in part, the health of our organs and body systems.

It’s curious to me how we can overlook the importance of the many chemical reactions in our bodies and particularly in our digestive systems. There are those that are triggered by the food choices we make, and there are those affected by the strength and efficiencies of our organs…

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It’s sooo easy being green!

Today I want to make testament to the tea leaf – the green tea leaf.

You’ve likely heard that green tea is good for your health. It’s not really “news.” What I’d like to look at with you is the WHYs and the HOWs of some of green tea’s goodness.

Take a look at these 3 great benefits of green tea…

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gut loving Labor Day – How to!

I don’t know about you, but a potluck or barbeque, like those held every Labor Day, can trigger surprising digestive explosions (similar to what you might see in the sky on the 4th of July!).

You may know what I mean, but never put any rhyme or reason to it. It’s just become, over the years, a part of your independent right to both celebrate and suffer.

Today, on the first day of this month of September, as we lean into Labor Day here in the states, I’d like to share my top four tactics for loving Labor Day (and letting it love you).

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The skin of your teeth. . .

When I ask detoxers and cleansers to include lemon in their water throughout the day, as I do in the Rejuvenate Cleanse happening right now, one of the wise cleansers usually asks this question on our dedicated message board:

will lemon water damage my tooth enamel?

It’s a great question! Let’s dive in…

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uh-oh, your energy is expiring…

Long after I stopped eating refined sugar, and that afternoon walk to the nearby bakery was a distant memory, I still suffered the 4pm risk of an energy outage.

You know the one I’m talking about, right?

Your body feels heavier.

There’s still a stretch of the day in front of you.

The tasks ahead become foggier as you struggle to keep your head off your folded arms or attempt to convince your kids that it’s “quiet time” so you can lay down.

And the idea of making dinner seems as monumental as climbing Kilimanjaro‎.

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FINALLY! Time to don your detective hat…

For the past few weeks we’ve been on a mission…jotting down everything relevant in our trusty FMP journal pages. From food, to poop, to mood, I’ve been tracking during our Food/Mood/Poop Challenge and I hope you have been, too.

But I hear your gears churning over there, asking now what?

you’ve tracked your food from beets to buckwheat to bone broth…
you’ve kept tabs on your poop from frequent to fatty to number 5 on the Bristol chart…
you’ve noted your mood from mellow to migraines to muscle aches…
Now, it’s time to get out your detective hat, slip it on your noggin, and tap into the tools you have at the tips of your fingers.

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are you planning on a holiday “grace period?”

We each have our own way of approaching this time of year…

It’s a transition.

One thing ends and another begins.

Resolutions or absolution of resolutions?

Which is your personal preference?

Whether you’ve committed to one or the other it seems to be what all the emails in my inbox have been about for the past week – how to approach a fresh start or how to ditch the desire to do so.

My personal intention is to ease into the new year with some conscious new habits, instead of leaping in with shiny new intentions (that may not stay shiny for long).

I’d like to invite you to do the same.

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giddy for ghee!

I get it. . . sometimes you just don’t have time to make it yourself.

That’s why I like to share my recommendations and reviews for foodstuff you can purchase while aiming to achieve optimal health and wellness.

This month: ghee

When I graduated college, unorthodoxly in the middle of winter, over half a lifetime ago, my friends threw a party for me.

Generously, they tried to identify my favorite food to serve at the gathering. They were all a bit flummoxed. Each of them knew that my favorite food was not typical party-fare.

My favorite food? Buttered Toast.

I would sit for hours reading, studying, drawing up plans for new projects fueled by thick slices of German rye bread that I’d toast in the oven then slather with butter. A sprinkling of salt and a cup of tea and I was set for hours on end.

Then life happened. First the dairy left the dietary picture. Gone was the butter. Then it was goodbye gluten (and the rye along with it).

My favorite food no longer favored me! Can you relate?

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Me and my GI (gastroenterologist)

‘Tis the season of good cheer, indulgent food and frequent festivities. . .

Ho ho ho, so much fun!

Yet sometimes the jolly times come with a not-so merry belly.

It may be the amount of chow or the curious combination of cuisines in one sitting. It could be a tad bit more of the goodies that you usually leave for special occasions. (Those “special occasions” sure are coming one on top of another right now!)

Or, if you’re among the 60 to 70 million Americans that suffers from reported digestive distresses each year, this may, unfortunately, be a season not unlike any other.

Recently I had an open conversation with my dear friend Venu Julapalli M.D., a gastroenterologist in Houston, Texas.

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