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are you trying to resuscitate a dead frog?

Today I’ve got a story for you. . .

I’m going to call it:

The Resuscitation of the Dead Frog

It sounds like a fairy tale, and it is.

The good news? Fairy tales usually have happy endings!

If you’ve got a moment, stick with me for a quick recount that leads you to a much happier ending than it might appear from the title of this tale.

In 1780 an Italian anatomy professor discovered that a spark of electricity could cause the limbs of a dead frog to twitch. Yesterday I used this historical tidbit in conversation with a client who was concerned that she had become a “food addict”.

This self-proclaimed “food addict” is a gorgeous woman who’s been through some rough patches in her adult life. She’s highly capable and well-versed in the ways of making healthy food choices and taking good care of herself.

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A New Leaf for the New Year

New Year’s resolutions can be lofty—lose 10 pounds, find your soulmate, run your first marathon, or get your life “in order”. But my resolution for 2018, one I’ve been inviting my clients to join me for during the Good Riddance Detox, is quite simple…

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Have you written a love letter to your colon lately?

Your colon deserves some genuine love ~ whether you never think about it because it does just what it’s supposed to do for you, without muttering a peep, or whether it’s demanding some attention with aches, pains or erratic eliminations.

Some health practitioners might say that all health is rooted in the colon; that this is where disease originates.

It’s a concept worth considering as you continue your quest to feel your best.

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eat with the elements (it’s elemental to your health!)

I’m a big fan of reminding people to tune into the rhythm of the day – the circadian rhythm. I call it “catching the wave”.

Not surprisingly, it’s in the best interest of your health to rise with the sun and sleep when it’s down, to catch that wave of the day, like a skilled surfer. Defying these daily patterns will inevitably take a toll on your well-being.

But what about the seasons?

Is there another wave you could be catching to optimize your ability to ward off illness and seize your physiological stamina?

What do the seasons tell us about our health?

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the superfood for my gut (yours too!)

When was the last time you did a gut check?

Maybe you have no digestive symptoms, so you worry instead about your brain fog, fatigue, skin issues, blood sugar or diagnosed autoimmune condition—bypassing the all important connection between the GI tract and every single sign or symptom that irks you. (Yes, that connection exists and it’s strong!)

Maybe you think you’ve got that gut thing covered; you’ve been there and done that (“yeah, yeah, I healed my gut last year”). We hear that one a lot in the Alliance Clinic!

Yet I want to share with you what I’ve found for myself and my own health (Hashimoto’s, brain, hormone, anti-aging and more)…

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it’s time to get ZEN

I’m betting you might have a question or two about EstroZen and…I’ve got answers!

Whether you’re on the fence or NOW is just not the right time for you to engage in a detox, there’s good information here for you to delve into, so be sure to read on!
I’ve chosen the top questions to keep our FAQ short, sweet and on point.
(And, yup, there are a few sweet treats for you in the mix as well.)

Afterward, if you want more, you know where to get it! (In EstroZen of course.)

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the perfect remedy for your weekend hangover…

OK. You did it. You indulged a bit this weekend. Maybe an early dip into the Halloween candy bucket or an extra pour of that warming red wine.

Perhaps you’ve been overindulging for a few nights (or weeks or months), sampling the candy intended for the trick-or-treaters later this month, unwrapping more than a couple of Tootsie Rolls at a time.

There’s something important to know…It’s OK! We all do it.

That’s why it’s key to know when to come back to your center—your path, as I like to call it—where you can tap into the factors that ultimately impact your health, happiness, weight goals and hormonal equanimity…

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Be Aware and Act Flax!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

That does not mean that your awareness and action should be relegated to one month out of the year—especially when several types of cancer, as well as low thyroid function and a host of other signs and symptoms, have one big thing in common…

estrogen dominance

It’s high time that we hone our hormone awareness throughout the year! (And that’s for women and men alike.)

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step away from the scale!

Too much, a little more, another bite won’t hurt…

We all do it—no matter our usual parameters. And for most of us, the toll starts to creep in, slowly but surely, leaving the feeling of desperately wanting to find a way back to our own unique “center”.

This is something I hear from so many people, near and far, old and young.

You may be feeling it today too!

It sounds extreme, but more women than not experience hormonal fluctuations that leave us frustrated, scratching our heads and seeking remedy—or, like me, discovering later that our hormones were, in part, to blame, and that there was actually something we could have done about it along the way.

That’s why I have three hormone happy recommendations for you—just in time for you to navigate the shifting seasons and shorter days…

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which direction is your scale tipping?

Have you had this experience: You’re eating beautifully, exercising regularly, taking care of yourself in all the ways you know how and yet still the number on the scale is tipping higher and higher each time you step on its platform?


Maybe you’ve tried several cleanses and detoxes and if you’re not starving yourself, you watch or listen to every single person around you boasting their weight loss successes and while, yes, you feel more clean and clear and maybe even a little less bloated, not a pound has been shed from your body?

These are some telltale signs…

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