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Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

Have we reached our dietary goal?

Is this the stopping point?

Is it all better now?

But for some of us, there is an elusive place that’s as hard to reach as OZ during waking moments. It’s not that we can’t (and don’t!) achieve our goal weight, energy and physical stride. It’s that it can be challenging to stay there. . . forever.

I’m not talking about the difficulty of Sticking With It!, of learning how to heed your prescribed dietary plan or known parameters for optimal health. Instead I’m referring to the changes that occur within our bodies themselves.

As your body changes, so does its dietary needs.

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when the shoe fits. . .

It started when you were very little. Someone slipped a shoe on your pudgy foot to see if it fit.

And maybe it did and maybe it didn’t.

Depending on the fit and your temperament, you may have ended up screaming and crying with the constrained and disappointing feeling of the miss-match.

Thus started a journey through life. . . of finding the right shoes, the right jeans, the right partner, the right mentor, the right diet, the right foods.

Life has become a never-ending process of “trying on” one thing, then another, like Goldilocks wandering through the bears’ house while they’re out picking berries for their porridge. (And maybe porridge doesn’t fit with your dietary and digestive parameters and maybe it does. . .)

Throughout the month of March I’ve been thinking about when the shoe fits (and when it doesn’t), quite a bit. In my own life, I’ve been trying to fit eggs back into my diet.

Eggs. . . the near perfect food. (swoon)

An ancient food!

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Our Stories, Ourselves

When I was a kid, we all read the book Our Bodies, Ourselves, the pivotal book on women’s health and sexuality. Do you remember it?

The book spoke openly about subjects that were formerly, publicly, taboo ~ subjects such as why we bleed and get cramps, how to protect ourselves during sex and where our sexuality may be seated inside of our bodies. Women, young and old, were hungry for this information about ourselves.

Our Bodies, Ourselves sold over 250,000 copies as a hand-made pamphlet, without any advertising, and has gone on to sell over four million copies world-wide.

It’s interesting that over forty years later, we still need to fight to uncover the information that speaks to what’s going on in there.

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Sustainable Change

Since we’ve waved goodbye to 2013 just over a week ago, I’ve found myself glancing back over my shoulder at the reflection of the year past and looking forward to this new year with excitement and anticipation. Even expectation.

This chance for reflection is one proven reason why making resolutions at this time of year is actually so effective.

Reflection + Resolution is apparently a winning combo.

(Hey, the Resolution Detox Kick-Off Class is tomorrow night. This community is eager for that promising post-reflection forward momentum. You too? Join us!)

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Get Over Yourself!

Get over yourself. . .

I’m taking a risk leading with that headline.

No, I’m not telling you to get over yourself. Really I’m not. Sometimes it’s completely appropriate to take ourselves seriously.

I am, however, telling myself to get over myself. And I tell myself this regularly.

Get over yourself has been one of my mantras for several years now.

And it works.

Taking myself and my actions too seriously keeps me from taking risks, it leaves me playing small, and it honors ego over passion and creativity.

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Thanksgiving Traditions & Memories

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that’s shrouded in tradition. Not just the tradition of what we eat ~ turkey, stuffing and cranberries ~ but also where we go, who else will be there, who makes the gravy and who cleans it up.

Thanksgiving is also a holiday that’s seasoned with memories.

The traditions stick until they’re broken. The memories hold until they’re forgotten.

Sometimes marriage is the torch that passes the tradition of hosting down to the next generation. Other times it’s when the first baby arrives, or perhaps the purchase of a house. There are those times when the torch is passed to the next home or generation out of necessity.

And sometimes we break tradition just because we can.

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Hello Hashimoto’s | Seeking a Natural Treatment

Hashimoto’s is a condition I’ve personally been wrestling with for years.

In fact I was wrestling with it before I even knew I had it ~ held hostage in the confusion of the symptoms that seemed to plague me without rhyme or reason. And I’m not alone.

Many people with Hashimoto’s are either diagnosed as hypothyroid or suspect they have a thyroid imbalance and yet their doctor tells them otherwise. It’s a crime, really. A loophole in our medical system in both the realms of diagnostics and treatment.

It took me years of probing, digging through books, literature and lectures, trialing different diets, nutrient protocols and medical theories, testing one “tried-and-true” method after another, seeing a number of doctors and naturopaths, to even determine the diagnosis that would explain what was happening to and with my body.

It was like my body was a defiant child, acting of its own accord, disregarding all my efforts and intentions.

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a return to core values

My plate this past week has been more of a glass, a straw and a bowl of blended goodies than an actual plate.

You see I’ve taken this week ~ the week after a flurry of summer guests, the week of my 47th birthday, and the week of the anniversary of my husband Isamu’s passing (eleven years ago yesterday) ~ to sink back into myself, back into my core.

To cleanse.

To quiet.

To nourish.

And to realign with my true intentions.

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The Anti-Inflammatory Context

Context vs. Strategy

For years now I’ve called myself a “contextualist”.

I claimed the name far before doing the work I do now.

What I learned for myself early on was this: Context matters.

Without context and the understanding of why, why wouldn’t a million other things get in the way of me making change and moving forward? And why would I ever venture to make dietary alterations or stick to them?

You likely can relate. . . The strategy for upgrading your diet and supporting your health may have been laid out before you by numerous books, articles, even health care practitioners. You know something’s gotta shift.

Yet you’re stalled. There’s something that prevents you from taking action. This happens time and time again. The evasion itself has become exhausting!

And I’d like to propose why. . .

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mirror, mirror

Every so often, life presents a reflection other than the one in the looking glass.

It could be a messy kitchen or a cold caught after final exams.

The lightbulb goes off and all of a sudden it’s as clear as a spring day. . .
Something critical has fallen out of my regard.

As parents, the worst of these reflections exhibit themselves in the health and well-being of our children.

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