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notebooks, lunches, snacks and sacks (get prepping!)

No matter how old you are, whether you have kids or not, this time of year holds a back-to-school air that’s undeniable.

Can you feel it too?

It can be hard when the lazy days of summer give way to the mad rush of getting everyone out the door on time with a nourishing breakfast in their belly and a healthy lunch in tow. I get it!

I’ve got some tips to help your transition that I don’t want you to miss!

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when the shoe fits. . .

Life has become a never-ending process of “trying on” one thing, then another, like Goldilocks wandering through the bears’ house while they’re out picking berries for their porridge. (And maybe porridge doesn’t fit with your dietary and digestive parameters, and maybe it does…)

Throughout the month of May I’ve been thinking about when the shoe fits (and when it doesn’t), quite a bit. In my own life, I tried, once again, to fit eggs back into my diet.

I so badly wanted the eggs to fit…

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my routine breakfast bowl

As we wrap up our granola-loving series I wanted to share one final favorite…

It’s the recipe that gives me get-up-and-go each morning. And believe me, routine doesn’t have to be a bore. I look forward to my morning bowl every day!

This is roughly my morning mixture but you can create what works for you. Don’t be shy. Mix and match to your heart’s delight. You really can’t go wrong. It’s granola after all!

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take this tiger by the tail!

I’ve got a question for you today…

If, as you likely know by now, you are equal parts bacteria and human, just who (or what) are you feeding when you sit down to your morning meal?

While we’re still learning more each day—mapping what’s going on with those microbes and how they influence our states of health and illness, from gut to brain and immunity to pain—it’s time for each one of us to take the tiger by the tail.

We’ll do just that with the second recipe in our granola series and this week’s featured ingredient…

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granola for everyone (yes, everyone!)

One quick look in a standard cereal aisle and you’ll likely find a variety of sugar-laden desserts disguised as granola. They’re loaded with sugars and not so good fats (hey—that’s most certainly not health food, no matter what the box says!)

It might be the grains, the nuts, the seeds or the added sugars (even the more natural kinds like honey or maple syrup) that keep you from going for that granola that your kids or sweetie can happily gobble up.

Never fear!

Here on the Replenish nutrition team, we’ve got a granola recipe to suit nearly every dietary need…

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loving myself naked at 50!

I turned 50 this summer and I have to admit that it’s easier to love myself naked now than it ever has been before. Sure, my body is changing as I age, and I can look back and laugh at what I criticized in myself when I was younger.

Yet now I have a different level of love and acceptance for myself.

By understanding my biology and the challenges that I might encounter in my health, (which often result for us women in changes in our form and function), I’ve been able to develop a deeper compassion for myself, inside and out…

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uh-oh, your energy is expiring…

Long after I stopped eating refined sugar, and that afternoon walk to the nearby bakery was a distant memory, I still suffered the 4pm risk of an energy outage.

You know the one I’m talking about, right?

Your body feels heavier.

There’s still a stretch of the day in front of you.

The tasks ahead become foggier as you struggle to keep your head off your folded arms or attempt to convince your kids that it’s “quiet time” so you can lay down.

And the idea of making dinner seems as monumental as climbing Kilimanjaro‎.

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Get Over Yourself!

I’m taking a real risk leading with that headline.

No, I’m not telling you to get over yourself. Really I’m not. Sometimes it’s completely appropriate to take ourselves seriously.

I am, however, telling myself to get over myself. And I tell myself this regularly.

Get over yourself has been one of my mantras for several years now.

And it works.

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My gun is already loaded (so is yours)

it’s not me, it’s my genes!

By now most of us are aware that the genes we have don’t dictate our health or lack thereof. Most of us are also familiar with the saying “genes load the gun, but environment pulls the trigger”.

Today, I’d like to talk about what, in functional medicine, we call antecedents.

What have your antecedents done for you lately?

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The Anti-Inflammatory Context

Context vs. Strategy

For years now I’ve called myself a “contextualist”.

I claimed the name far before doing the work I do now.

What I learned for myself early on was this: Context matters.

Without context and the understanding of why, why wouldn’t a million other things get in the way of me making change and moving forward? And why would I ever venture to make dietary alterations or stick to them?

You likely can relate. . . The strategy for upgrading your diet and supporting your health may have been laid out before you by numerous books, articles, even health care practitioners. You know something’s gotta shift.

Yet you’re stalled. There’s something that prevents you from taking action. This happens time and time again. The evasion itself has become exhausting!

And I’d like to propose why. . .

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