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getting “macho” with your blood sugar

It’s blood sugar balancing RecipEmail time!iStock plantain

RecipEmails, from Replenish PDX are a monthly recipe delivery with a side of information highlighting one key ingredient and one key health concern to bring you deeper into your understanding of you.

This month’s featured ingredient:


(called “macho bananas” in the south!)

also in this RecipEmail:

▪ join me for a Even Keel, a free class about balancing your blood sugar
▪ glycemic in a nutshell
▪ a recipe for Paleo “Macho” Bread
▪ plantains: what makes ’em macho?

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getting rooted (and a little gnarly)

It’s (still winter) RecipEmail time!iStock celeriac-market
RecipEmails, from Replenish PDX are a monthly recipe delivery with a side of information highlighting one key ingredient.

This month’s featured ingredient:

celeriac (celery root)


in this RecipEmail:

▪ a note from Andrea
▪ a recipe for Creamy Celeriac Soup
▪ Celeriac’s gnarly goodness

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get your goji going for Valentine’s Day!

It’s February RecipEmail time!

RecipEmails, from Replenish PDX are a monthly recipe delivery with a side of information highlighting one key ingredient.

This month’s featured ingredient:

goji berries

(and chocolate, can’t forget that this month!)

in this RecipEmail:

~ a note from Andrea
~ get your goji on for Valentine’s Day with these Oh-Gee Goji Nakayummies
~ goji: the most nutritionally rich food on the planet?

I have to admit that I’d never been a fan of goji berries.

My son, Gilbert, doesn’t fancy them either.

But really, they’re so good for you!

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Be Aware and Act Flax!

Hello new year!iStock flaxground
I’m pleased to present you with this month’s recipe delivery with a nice side note of information highlighting one key ingredient. We like to call them RecipEmails

This month’s featured ingredient:


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ode to cheesecake

Since Thanksgiving is just around the bend, I’d like to invite you to spend this next week preparing to treat yourself well through the holiday season. This is the week that the flurry starts with anticipation and preparation and it doesn’t really let up until after the new year. Consider this week your “dress rehearsal”.

How might you create a foundation for more resilience to carry you through?

What are your “best habits” that you can commit to keeping during the frenzy?

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The new superfood in everyone’s gut

It’s funny how often we want to skip over the importance of digestive health. Or maybe you have no gut symptoms so you worry instead about your brain fog, fatigue, skin issues, blood sugar or autoimmunity ~ bypassing the all important connection between the gastrointestinal tract and every single sign or symptom that irks you. (Yes, that connection exists and it’s strong!)

Maybe we think we’ve got that gut thing covered; we’ve been there and done that (“yeah, yeah, I healed my gut”). We hear that one a lot at Replenish!

Yet what I’ve found for myself is that I have to go back to my core again and again (and, you got it, again).

This week in the Girl’s Guide to Hashimoto’s we’re diving into the principles of digestive health ~ from top to bottom, as we like to call it ~ and the timing couldn’t be better. After the stresses in my own life earlier this fall, I ran some tests to find that my gut needed a little RE-healing, it needs more of my attention.

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an herb with benefits

My not so green thumb. . .

When I think back on my love affair with food, cooking, nutrition and healing, it all started with a few good authors. I’d scour the shelves at the bookstore to find the writers who could speak both eloquently and practically about what I like to call curative cuisine.

These authors were writing about what you and I know well. Food Matters!

And while I stand by my philosophy that no one size fits all ~ that there’s no one food or one diet that will feel good to all systems and do the trick to invite remedy for all ailments (though it sure would make life easier!) ~ there are some key classical culinary legends we can all learn from.

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Behold the Blue

For a local foodie like me, summer is a true delight.

The farmer’s markets are overflowing with colorful abundance and the berry bushes in my back yard are alive with color. Having fresh beautiful produce makes it easy to load up on nutrients without going very far.

I’m a big fan of wandering into my small urban backyard for a sweet treat and a little vitamin D.

But let’s face it. Summer isn’t always all fun and games, bright berries and slow sojourns. For many of us, “the lazy days of summer” don’t really happen. We’re on the go and over scheduled; trying to cram as much as we can in to our daylight-filled days. (I’ll admit I’m guilty here!) For the parents among us, the over-scheduling can also be due to the lack of scheduling. And the entire day can look like darting and dashing and lots of intention clashing.

Right as July nears its end and August is peeking over the sunny horizon, I find myself craving the slow-down diet, in every sense of the sentiment. I want to turn down the dial, step back and ask, what do I really need right now? (And, not surprisingly, the answer is never to do more).

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Let’s Get “Macho”

If you’re tapped into the Paleo craze, then plantains are not new to you. Blend ’em. Chip ’em. Bake ’em. Stew ’em.

The plantain may be a starchy item, but it comes in at the low-medium GL zone.
Pair it with some other fat and fiber, as we’re doing in our Macho Bread and you’ve eliminated the high-sugar carb-laden bread for a nutrient-dense delicacy.

First some facts, then some fun, then let’s peel back the nutritional facts on plantains. . .

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Tributes & Turmeric

a note from Andrea . . .

I’m hoping that in addition to me inviting you to indulge in some healing spring soup and anti-inflammatory tea (using our spotlight ingredient ~ turmeric), that you can indulge me in a special dedication.

Today I’d like to take a moment to reflect on what inspired my road to nutrition; to what brings me here, writing to you today, with scientific knowledge, insights about functional medicine, and the compassion and dedication that it takes to support someone moving from a state of illness to their optimal health.

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