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the comforting spice that makes everything nice

For the next few weeks, we’ll start to uncover colorful spices and their culinary and medicinal uses – it’s our focus for the month ahead and as we move into the holidays, and it’s a perfect time to think about comfort in relation to our spice exploration.

Whether you’re a seasoned spice user or rarely venture beyond the basic salt and pepper, there’s so much to explore in the world of spice. (They really do make everything nice!)

Get creative and spice it up!

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the superfood for my gut (yours too!)

When was the last time you did a gut check?

Maybe you have no digestive symptoms, so you worry instead about your brain fog, fatigue, skin issues, blood sugar or diagnosed autoimmune condition—bypassing the all important connection between the GI tract and every single sign or symptom that irks you. (Yes, that connection exists and it’s strong!)

Maybe you think you’ve got that gut thing covered; you’ve been there and done that (“yeah, yeah, I healed my gut last year”). We hear that one a lot in the Alliance Clinic!

Yet I want to share with you what I’ve found for myself and my own health (Hashimoto’s, brain, hormone, anti-aging and more)…

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Be Aware and Act Flax!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

That does not mean that your awareness and action should be relegated to one month out of the year—especially when several types of cancer, as well as low thyroid function and a host of other signs and symptoms, have one big thing in common…

estrogen dominance

It’s high time that we hone our hormone awareness throughout the year! (And that’s for women and men alike.)

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when life gives you lemons…

Since 2 major factors in both cancer prevention and living a long and healthy life are managing blood sugar and quelling inflammation, I decided to focus today on 2 recipes that include ingredients that target both those goals simultaneously while celebrating the benefits of the lemon.

And, since I’m often asked for healthy breakfast ideas, I wanted to provide you with recipes that you can easily use to start your day.

A good breakfast, within one hour of waking, is your best bet for maintaining balanced blood sugar throughout the day!

Try one (or both) of these options and bring a little lemony sunshine back into your morning…

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autumn gingered stew

Ginger is one of our anti-inflammatory heroes—great for those of us with any inflammatory, autoimmune or chronic health conditions!

And prolonged inflammation and consequent tissue damage—whether it be to the digestive system as in IBD or other organ systems, like the nervous system in MS or the thyroid in Hashimoto’s—are signature characteristics of autoimmune conditions.

With autoimmunity quickly on the rise, I advocate incorporating our culinary anti-inflammatory medicinals, like ginger, wherever and whenever we can.

But it’s not just the immune system that can be helped by this hero. Try this weekend stew and be sure to read on to glean all of ginger’s goodness….

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an herb with benefits

One of the cookbook legends days that I return to again and again for some insightful lessons is The Good Herb by the food and health author Judith Benn Hurley. At this point it’s an oldie, but a goodie. A real goodie! The pages of my book are worn, smeared and dog-eared.

And one of the herbs that Hurley touts as being good for your mood, your breath, your skin and your hair is…. you guessed it, basil!

The herb that may be growing in your garden like a weed right about now….

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cool as a cucumber

Staying ‘cool as a cucumber’ has to do with staying hydrated through these hot summer months. (And boy is it hot here in PDX!). The flesh of the cuke is mostly comprised of water (over 90%!). It also has the ability to keep its flesh slightly cooler than the outside temperature staying cool itself. And yet the cucumber also packs an impressive store of minerals and vitamins.

When it comes to high water content, cucumbers are not surprisingly related to the watermelon. They’re also part of the same family as the zucchini, pumpkin and other squashes. Cucumbers and cucumber juices are truly traditional delicacies. They’ve been keeping people cool for thousands of years.

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say aloha to aloe

This week’s gut lovin’ ingredient provides soothing support:

and it helps you say aloha to easeful elimination

it’s aloe!

You’re likely familiar with the idea of putting aloe on your outer skin to soothe either a sunburn or an inopportune encounter with some fire—from the stovetop, the fireplace or your campground dinner. (I’ve always got a bottle in our house in both Portland and Hawaii.)

But can aloe actually provide some benefits for that internal skin as well?

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slip into summer with this gut lovin’ super herb

In our clinical practice we’re always looking to find the root cause of symptoms. That usually means starting with the gut. Since most digestion and absorption happens right in that organ, it needs to be in good repair. And repair we can!

This is why we’ve been focusing on our gut lovin’ foods all summer.

We’re getting right to the root of the matter, giving you the foods to clean and restore your ultimate gatekeeper.

This week’s summer lovin’ ingredient is all bark and no bite…

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root cause rescue remedy

I want to express my gratitude for the gut loving fun we’ve had together through the dog days of summer.

We’ve traversed the twists and turns of the small intestine with one ingredient after another for weeks now, exploring my favorite superfoods for root cause remedy.

Today’s no different as I have a new ingredient to reveal…

This week’s summer lovin’ ingredient gets to the root of it:

and might just cure your coffee cravings…

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