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Let’s Get “Macho”

If you’re tapped into the Paleo craze, then plantains are not new to you. Blend ‘em. Chip ‘em. Bake ‘em. Stew ‘em.

The plantain may be a starchy item, but it comes in at the low-medium GL zone.
Pair it with some other fat and fiber, as we’re doing in our Macho Bread and you’ve eliminated the high-sugar carb-laden bread for a nutrient-dense delicacy.

First some facts, then some fun, then let’s peel back the nutritional facts on plantains. . .

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Tributes & Turmeric

a note from Andrea . . .

I’m hoping that in addition to me inviting you to indulge in some healing spring soup and anti-inflammatory tea (using our spotlight ingredient ~ turmeric), that you can indulge me in a special dedication.

Today I’d like to take a moment to reflect on what inspired my road to nutrition; to what brings me here, writing to you today, with scientific knowledge, insights about functional medicine, and the compassion and dedication that it takes to support someone moving from a state of illness to their optimal health.

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Cauliflower is your new spud

It’s been a little quiet over here at Replenish ~ or at least for the Replenish audience who’s not part of the community of thousands of health practitioners that I teach and mentor through the Holistic Nutrition Lab curriculum.

Over at Holistic Nutrition Lab we’ve been deep in our studies of the digestive system and how the health of this system relates to every other sign, symptom and system in the body.

It’s amazing stuff we’ve got going on in our gut, as I know you may already know, whether you’re a practitioner, someone who has thought consciously about your own health or a lover of good food.

(Or maybe you’re like me and you’re all of the above!)

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New years are like breakfast. . .

With the promise of breakfast you may be thinking of muffins or pancakes.

And a name like “hash” could certainly conjure piles of potatoes.

Yet for most of us, after the clock struck midnight last night, we realized that the time had come to lay the end-of-year indulgences to rest and start the new year off fresh. After all, the first days or even month of the new year are just like breakfast ~ the opportunity to begin anew. (Can you feel the thrill of it? I can!)

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Be Aware and Act: Flax

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

That does not mean that your awareness and action should stop by the end of the week. In fact, you should be honing your breast cancer awareness throughout the year (and that’s for women and men alike!).

Approximately 75% of breast cancers are estrogen receptor positive. What this means for you is that one of your best cancer prevention technique is addressing your internal hormonal equilibrium and understanding the estrogen dominance that plagues so many of us (again, women and men alike).

But estrogen dominance doesn’t just result in breast cancer.

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What’s the BUZZ?

This month’s featured ingredient:

bee pollen


in this RecipEmail:

a note from Andrea about the summer BUZZ
a recipe for Peach Royal Smoothie
this month’s culinary medicinal Bee Pollen
There’s been lots of BUZZ this summer.

The busy bee kind of buzz ~ with lots of summer plans, summer visitors and summer activities. The buzz of Refresh, the signature TrulyFood Cleanse of the Season, starting this coming week! And, for me, the buzz of delving a bit more into the power of bees.

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Gingered June Stew

While I’ve focused on the health benefits and inclusion of ginger on the Replenish pages before, first with this yummy Tahini Ginger Dressing and also the ever favorite DIY Chai, today I’d like to highlight the anti-inflammatory magic of ginger.

You see, ginger is one of our anti-inflammatory heroes. And prolonged inflammation and consequent tissue damage ~ whether it be to the digestive system as in IBD or other organ systems, like the nervous system in MS or the thyroid in Hashimoto’s ~ are signature characteristics of autoimmune conditions.

With autoimmunity quickly on the rise, I advocate incorporating our culinary anti-inflammatory medicinals, like ginger, wherever and whenever we can.

But it’s not just the immune system that can be helped by this hero. By reducing inflammation, we also turn back the hands of time and tap into our legacy for longevity.

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The Herb that Loves Your Liver

Oh no, you might say: not cilantro!

Yes, cilantro.

When springtime arrives, I like to spotlight the herb that’s prone to digestible dispute. People either love it or hate it. It’s met with either adoration or repulsion.

Which camp are you in?

On the hate side, can you believe there’s a Facebook Fan Page called “I Hate Ciliantro”? (There’s actually more than one Facebook Page devoted to cilantro loathing ~ and if you’re among this crowd, and tempted to head over there right now, please STOP! Read on and give cilantro a chance.)

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Is Banana a 4-Letter Word?

You may be wondering why I’m so focused on blood sugar right now.

Well, blood sugar affects your mood, your weight, your mechanisms of hunger and your hormone balance.

When its out of whack for too long it can lead to chronic disease states like diabetes, hypertension, Candida and persistent internal inflammation.

Managing blood sugar is a BIG DEAL!

It’s one of the core baselines of good health.

But just what is blood sugar?

Blood sugar is basically the sugar ~ or glucose ~ in the blood. And glucose is the elemental factor of every single carbohydrate you eat.

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Oh Nuts!

There are so many things I love about the work I do.

I love helping clients and course participants to better understand their unique bodies and how to support themselves.

I love the people I meet daily, sitting with them in their place of curiosity and discovery.

I love talking about food and health and why physiology matters. It’s fascinating!

Watching an ‘aha’ emerge in someone’s eyes, voice, or even in their writing on the screen of my computer as they put the pieces of the puzzle together between their body and their food, their history and their health, is a true blessing.

Another thing I love is that, after working with thousands of people ~ both in my private practice and online courses over the years ~ I’ve been able to draw some clinical “evidence”. The evidence is derived from seeing a pattern arise over and over again in a good number of people.

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