resolution detox:
10 days to a radiant new you

The holiday season is filled with a bounty of parties, food and eating (likely to excess). The hangover of the new year can leave you feeling grouchy, groggy and out of sorts. You know the drill- extra helpings, extra sugar, extra stress and extra pounds. The toll the holidays can take on your digestion, skin, energy level, and overall wellness can be overwhelming. So overwhelming that you might even pass on making New Year’s resolutions because they seem too hard. You may even have memories of making dietary resolutions in the past, and then watched them go by the wayside. I know I’ve done that. We all have.

That’s why I created Resolution Detox. It’s the resolution you’ll want to keep because each day it makes you feel SO GOOD (and the food is delicious!)

Let me help you release the stress, the bloating, and the extra pounds, so you can create what you want in 2017.

What to expect

Type of program: Supported 10-day
dietary exploration

Duration: 10 days. You pick the start
date that's best for you between
January 9th - January 16th.

Focus: Anti-Inflammatory Diet & Digestive Health

Special diet: Recipes & Protocol provided

Support: Private Resolution Detox Facebook
group where you can receive Replenish support
and ideas throughout the detox

let's have a resolution revolution

It’s that time of year when we hear the word: “Resolution.”

Let’s be honest. What do you feel in your gut when you hear the word?

Maybe you picture a list of changes you want to make in the new year (eat cleaner, exercise more, learn something new). Maybe you imagine standing firm—saying NO to something once and for all. Maybe the sense of excitement and hope is tainted with a sense of guilt and defeat from past attempts.

Let’s get to the core of this word, resolution. We searched way back to its oldest roots. Here’s what we found:

Late 14c. (v.) Latin resolvere, meaning to unfasten, loosen, release, undo, settle.

Yep, it’s true. For years we’ve thought of New Year’s Resolutions as goals to tighten up, discipline ourselves, and resist temptation. In fact it’s the opposite.

A resolution is a chance to undo, to release, and to settle things by physically letting them separate (the way salt can be boiled out of seawater).

What if instead of battling those cravings, you decided to call a truce, to release fears of the future and regrets of the past?
What if your gut feeling when you hear the word “Resolution” changed entirely, away from what you should do, and towards what you could have and who you could be?

This could be the year you let go of judgments and begin to see possibilities.

What if instead of saying NO to yourself, you started saying YES? YES to more energy. YES to vibrant skin. YES to inspiration. And YES to delicious food!
What if you made every single meal a feast, giving yourself MORE options instead of fewer?

What would your new year look like then?

resolution is your solution!

The Resolution Detox is a chance to:

  • Unfasten your mind and body from old patterns of eating
  • Release toxins and clear the way for nutrients to help you feel your best
  • Create positive habits that will help your digestion (and your skin, mood, and much more!) all year long
  • Be part of an empowering circle of encouragement with others seeking health and inspiration

In the Resolution Detox you'll enjoy healing and nourishing foods that will allow you to:

  • drop the pounds that accumulated and set you back from your goals over the holidays
  • ditch the routines that make you feel disheartened, deprived and defeated
  • determine where your digestion is preventing you from looking and feeling your best
  • develop healthy habits that will feel so good you'll be inspired to make them last a lifetime

You may be itching to take on the post-holiday challenge or you may be dubious that you can stick to a set plan. We hear you! And we've got you covered.

you CAN do this!

Resolution Detox is an easy-to-follow program that includes all of the following:

  • delicious recipes that your whole family will enjoy & that you'll want to make again & again
  • a clearly defined protocol with wiggle-room as you need it to navigate through the detox no matter what your schedule may be
  • a series of classes that you can listen to from the convenience of your very own home that explains what you'll be doing for your 10-day detox, how to heal and perfect digestive issues that may have cropped up over the holidays or been grumbling for a long time and why these dietary shifts matter for your health, beauty and longevity
  • educational materials that will help to inform and guide you through your detox journey
  • 24/7 support from Andrea and the Replenish Nutrition team on a private Facebook page (think about it: you get hand-holding & nutrition support for the full 10 days!)
  • design your own start date: schedule your 10 consecutive days of detox to start any time between January 9th and 16th
  • and so much more for an investment of only $97!

When you fuel yourself with good food, nourishment and community, and you boost those efforts by maximizing the powers of your digestive system, you're well on the road to renewing your drive and vitality, which may have gotten a little sleepy after the winter holidays.

It’s time for “resolution” to sound more like “celebration,” filling your soul not with dread, but with anticipation and joy!

Engage your mind and body with new options for health. Evidence shows that people who make resolutions have more success achieving their goals that those who don't. Bring along a friend or loved one and expand your possibilities together.

Come join me in the Resolution Revolution!


  • 3 30-minute classes with teachings about detoxing your body after the holiday
  • daily protocol for the entire program
  • recipe packet with delicious recipes and recommendations
  • handouts to guide you every step of the way
  • list of supplies and glossary to assist you with the protocol and any new-to-you ingredients
  • daily digestive messages to bring you more in tune with your CORE digestion
  • 24/7 online support from Andrea and her lead nutritionists throughout the entire 10 days of your detox!

Group detox:

Ten consecutive days starting anytime between January 9th and January 16th. You select the start date that works best for you within that window.

On the start date you pick, you'll be in a 10-day detox with online support from Andrea and the Replenish Nutrition team, along with a community of other detoxers.


  • You’ll learn the secrets of how to support your digestive system - from top to bottom - so you can set the stage to look and feel better than you have in years.
  • You'll have a comprehensive list of which specialty foods and superfoods to consume to balance your energy throughout the day (so you won’t feel hungry or deprived!) .
  • You'll walk away with a complex understanding of which lifestyle factors aid your digestion (and overall health!), which ones hinder it, and how to make the best choices for your particular body in all the days of the year to come.
  • After just 10 days you'll have a toolbox of new recipes, habits and practices that will enable you to maintain a healthier lifestyle and feel confident that you’re taking optimal care of yourself.
  • You'll step back into the driver’s seat of your own health care again.
  • Most importantly, you’ll be able to start the new year the way YOU want. You’ll feel lighter, stronger, more energized, more focused, and ready to create what you want in 2017.


We offer 24/7 support on our private Facebook group page, where you can post questions to be answered by one of the Replenish nutritionists and by your fellow detoxers. The Facebook page is easy to follow, with searchable posts and a vibrant active community. Many extra recipes, handouts, and additional knowledge gets shared in the group, so don’t forget it’s a key ingredient in your success!


If you’re unhappy with the Resolution Detox program for any reason, let me know by Wednesday 1/11/2017, and I’ll fully refund your purchase. Notify us of your decision at

Join the hundreds who have already benefitted from the Resolution Detox!


Andrea's detox caused deep changes for me! I went into the month knowing a good deal about eating healthy, and I came out of it feeling so much more wise, thoughtful, peaceful, whole, happy, energized, and INSPIRED! Thank you so much Andrea. I feel like each of us that went through this program will now pay it forward to our sphere of influence. Our children, friends and loved ones are all a part of this just by watching our transformations. They too will catch this wave for even greater impact. Thank you!
~ Sadie


During this program Andrea and the Barre3 instructors modeled so well how I should treat my body. My perfectionist self talk has always been harsh and pushy about what I "should" be doing. Instead I heard things like, "Listen to your body. Do what feels best", or, "Take a rest if you need to." Through this, the negative voice in my head has been replaced by positive messages that respect and honor my body. This is one of the BEST gifts I've ever received!
~ Tory


~ Kerry


Prior to embarking on this detox I thought I had no food restrictions, but in hindsight that was a delusion. There were so many different types of foods that never made it into my shopping cart and I therefore never ate! Greens, seeds, oils, certain grains. . . My former diet was actually quite limited. So instead of thinking of this detox as a "limited diet" I think of it as a "liberating diet!" It opened my palate and mental horizon to foods I didn't even know existed, and it deepens my gratitude for Mother Earth and her nutritious abundance.
~ Tina


I've already lost 2 pounds! I don't feel hungry at all and I feel like my appetite for sweets has been eliminated. I LOVE the food I'm eating, and I feel lighter, stronger and more focused. It's just day 3 and I feel less bloated and like my stomach is already flatter.
~ Lisa


This detox has been amazing in many ways. I've lost 4 pounds since we started. Since I gained 10 when I moved here, it feels great to be close to the same old me. The sugar detox has been amazing, and I now know that sugar has been a driver for my binge eating habits (due to stress and depression). I haven't had the urge to do any binging of any kind, although I couldn't stop at just one of Andrea's Energy Bars because they're so yummy!
~ Carrie


Over the past week I have been taking out A LOT of sugar from my diet. My food is a lot less sweet but something quite sweet (and unexpected) came out of this: I am savoring the sweetness of life a lot more. The crisp air smells sweet, the smells from the fresh food I'm preparing are intoxicating, the spots of winter sunshine feel like honey on my cheeks. Having less sugar in my body opens my pores and senses to the sweetness of life. I had forgotten how much there was.
~ Tara


I just want to thank Andrea and everyone who participated in this detox for expanding my concept of delicious food and helping me stick with it! It has been a remarkable experience. I remember filling out the survey at the beginning that Andrea sent to us to outline our goals for the detox. I did not check "tapping into your body's wisdom" and I wasn't even really sure what that meant. I get it now and have experienced first hand the benefits of listening to my body. I doubt that I will pick up caffeine again and I will be much more mindful of what I put in my body.
~ Claudia


I have had little white spots on my fingernails since forever (my mom and brother have them too) and I have been told it's everything from vitamin and/or mineral deficiencies to bruising in my nail beds. Whatever it is, they are almost gone! Just another confirmation to myself that eating in a cleaner way is really cultivating health for me in ways I hadn't even thought about.
~ Ariel

Your questions answered!

What is Andrea’s background and training?

With a career born of a personal family health crisis and the loss of her young husband to a brain tumor in 2002, functional medicine nutritionist Andrea Nakayama has taken the idea of food as personalized medicine from a clinical practice to guiding thousands of international clients through the online programs of Replenish PDX and Holistic Nutrition Lab.

Andrea is a certified Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner, FNLP, and holds CNE and CNC certifications from Bauman College, a CHHC from IIN, and is working towards a Masters of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine (MSHNFM) through the University of Western States. She's trained with the Institute of Functional Medicine and attended many live conferences in the realm of Integrative and Functional Medicine, continuously expanding on her knowledge and approach to addressing complex health challenges.

Andrea’s ceaseless inquiry is driven by her passion to educate her clients, course participants, and team members so that we all can become agents of change, able to take ownership of our own health. She simplifies physiology so that it’s understandable for each and every one of us. In this way, her programs additionally serve as a motivating tool for understanding why we may need to make particular dietary changes to meet the goals we've created within that journey of ownership over our own health.

Click here for a longer background..

What is the format?

You can listen to the 3 30-minute recordings at any time. In them, Andrea shares relevant teachings that take you into the “how” and the “why” of digestion and she reviews dietary guidelines for the entirety of the detox.

What if I have questions?

Resolution Detox includes an active Facebook page monitored by Andrea and her team. It’s a place where you can ask questions and connect with both Andrea and the rest of your Resolution community.

Will we receive handouts or materials?

Resolution Detox delivers comprehensive print materials including:

  • a protocol and recipe packet including menus, suggested supplements, general food rules, and recipes to carry you through the 10-day experience
  • a daily quick-bite e-zine with tips to help keep you motivated
  • handouts to support your detox, including information on gluten, sugar, fats, and vitamins, as well as additional recipes as requested

Additionally, you’ll have access to your private Resolution Detox Facebook group where you can connect with your community and receive support from Andrea and the Replenish Nutrition team.

Can I adjust the recipes and plan to accommodate my particular sensitivities and dietary needs?

Yes, we expect everyone to ask questions and address their specific needs. All the recipes are gluten free and dairy free. If you have specific food sensitivities or allergies, please post on the Resolution Detox Facebook page monitored by Andrea and her team and we’ll help you adjust as necessary. As you go through the detox, you might discover more sensitivities that you hadn’t been aware of—the Facebook page is where we can help you interpret what’s happening in your body as you detox so you can make lasting changes that will make you feel great.

What if I can’t do the detox January 9 through 18?

Since January is a busy month, we are supporting people who start anytime between the 9th and the 16th. Listen to the class before you begin and join the Facebook group for support and wisdom all month—not to mention additional recipes and handouts posted in response to other detoxers’ questions. The detox is fully supported through January 26th and you can start in a “rolling” manner and still receive the same support.

Can I participate if I live outside the United States?

Absolutely! You can participate from anywhere in the world. We’ve had attendees from Hong Kong to Mexico to Switzerland. Wherever you are, we have a place for you!

What if I can't fund the whole course right now? Can I pay with 2 or more payments?

If you select the PayPal option at checkout, you can use their Bill Me Later program which gives you six months of interest-free financing, so you can pay for the program on your own schedule.

Have additional questions?

Please email my team at