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Food impacts all functions of your body, and therefore how you function in the world.

Food is the cornerstone for your strength and vitality. This is true whether you're looking to heal from a current or chronic condition, whether you're intending to improve the quality of your life, or if you're aiming to achieve maximal energy and longevity. Replenish PDX offers a curriculum of courses aimed at educating people how to make positive dietary changes in their lives and the ways in which these changes can help them to both heal and thrive in all aspects of their lives. With Replenish PDX my goal is to help you see and experience the reciprocity between good eating and a truly fulfilling life.

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Good Riddance

Good Riddance: The Real Food Remedy that Rids You of Your Symptoms is an online program created by acclaimed Functional Nutritionist Andrea Nakayama. It takes you step-by-step through a proven system to eliminate the biggest symptom-causing culprits in your diet and lifestyle. Follow the simple steps outlined in detail in this month-long course and say Good Riddance to many of your symptoms once and for all!
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Holistic Nutrition Lab

Put your practice on the map! You're an amazing holistic health coach and you know a lot about nutrition & healthy eating. But do you often feel like a lack of knowledge is holding you back? Are you ready to have a deeper knowledge about nutrition so you can effect greater change for your clients? Join Holistic Nutrition Lab, and get the information you need, starting with a free class on best practices for the client intake process.
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You'll Love Replenish Classes Too:

I loved the Fat or Fiction Homestudy course! The program is well thought out and very informative. I liked that Andrea provides the transcripts so that you don't even have to take notes. The recipes that she includes are delicious. I had heard years ago that coconut oil was good for you, but you often hear this or that is good for you and then later you hear that it's not good for you, right? Very frustrating. Andrea explains the chemistry of fat in an easy to understand way, why fats got a bad rap in the first place, how to incorporate fats into the diet and much more. Now I know why fats are beneficial on a deeper level and feel comfortable with my decisions.
~ Barbara Loomis, LMT

Thank you for Your Vibrant Child. Its such an eye opening, well-developed, and creative approach to children's nutrition. You have such wonderful insight and incredibly delicious recipes. Our family has enjoyed every moment of this journey!
~ Heather Petzold

I've felt good, explored new markets and new recipes and proved to myself that I can actually find the discipline to avoid sugar (my biggest vice)! This can clearly be attributed to the wonderful protocol and delicious fiber-rich recipes you have designed to nourish, satisfy and delight us. Thank you so much for making this cleansing opportunity available to us and for providing a community support forum in order to guide and deepen our experiences.
~ anonymous Autumn Cleanser