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Behold the Blue

Posted on: July 28th 2014

For a local foodie like me, summer is a true delight.

The farmer’s markets are overflowing with colorful abundance and the berry bushes in my back yard are alive with color. Having fresh beautiful produce makes it easy to load up on nutrients without going very far.

I’m a big fan of wandering into my small urban backyard for a sweet treat and a little vitamin D.

But let’s face it. Summer isn’t always all fun and games, bright berries and slow sojourns. For many of us, “the lazy days of summer” don’t really happen. We’re on the go and over scheduled; trying to cram as much as we can in to our daylight-filled days. (I’ll admit I’m guilty here!) For the parents among us, the over-scheduling can also be due to the lack of scheduling. And the entire day can look like darting and dashing and lots of intention clashing.

Right as July nears its end and August is peeking over the sunny horizon, I find myself craving the slow-down diet, in every sense of the sentiment. I want to turn down the dial, step back and ask, what do I really need right now? (And, not surprisingly, the answer is never to do more).

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